Saturday, December 26, 2015

Incoming Mayor Sue Digre, again

Image result for Karen Ervin, Pacifica, CA photograph
Outgoing Mayor Karen Ervin

Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, 12/24/15. "Sue Digre named Pacifica's mayor."

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Incoming Mayor Sue Digre
I'm back 3rd time, miss me?
"City Council unanimously named the next Mayor Sue Digre and Mayor Pro Tem Mike O’Neill.

Outgoing Pacifica Mayor Karen Ervin spoke kind words about the community in which she was born and raised and had the chance to serve as mayor. “Everyone has the best interest of Pacifica at heart,” she said. She thanked city staff and her family for their support. “I am proud of the work we did to set the priorities we set,” she said, looking back on the study session to set goals and priorities for City Council and city staff.

Despite the goals, urgent matters, such as the relocations of the tenants at Pacific Skies Estates, and the adjunct issues of affordable housing, rent control and just cause eviction, came before City Council. “We care. We are all concerned,” she said.


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Mayor Pro Tem Mike O'Neill
....  I continue to believe that “our environment is our economy.” We are getting a better grasp of that. Our environment obviously means our fantastic natural assets especially our ocean and hillsides. Our environment also means our local history, which is very diverse and rich. Our environment means our culture. We have robust art, music and drama components of our communuty. Our sports, small businesses and our volunteer organizations all make up Pacifica’s very unique environment."  Read more.

Related articles. Pacifica Tribune/Jean Bartlett, 12/31/15. "Long time Pacifican Sue Digre named mayor of Pacifica."  "Congratulations to Mayor Digre.
This is Digre's second turn as mayor. She previously served in 2005, the last year of her first term with the City Council. Her current second term with the City Council expires in November 2010." She says she's for Economic Development, but not really, clearly she was clearly against Quarry Dvelopment, see NO on L.

Note photographs. Past Mayor Karen Ervin riding in 2015 Fog Fest Parade found on the Pacificans Care website.  Mayor pro tem Mike O'Neill from a  Chamber of Commerce "meet and greet" 11/29/12 article by Jim Wagner. New again Mayor Sue Digre holding a sign to protect plovers by Sue Morgan, Golden Gate Birder/Audubon Society. 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Darkman said...

So once again Pacifica will be subject to the dark times of the Sue. Who really is pulling the strings? Bohner, Verby, Leon, or any number of others. No deference should be given to the mayor. Heaven knows, Keener showed no such respect to fellow council members and constantly badgered staff. Is keener the puppet master? I don't think he's capable of being the master. Who is it?

Anonymous said...

Darkman, it appears the game is dealt by unknown and unfamiliar people behind the scenes. Digre, Keener etc may just be the pawns presented to divert public gaze from the real players.

Anonymous said...

This is a bad sign for this city and an indication that not much has really changed since the old Gang of Four ran this town. Some of you may recall that the aforementioned Gang continually snubbed Councilmember Cal Hinton for the Mayor position, even though he had seniority. That was no accident. The City Manager always served the will of the Mayor, so this is a lot more than just a courtesy. Fix Pacifica? Next...