Saturday, December 26, 2015

Other golf courses have foxes too, San Jose

San Francisco Chronicle/SF Gate/Katie Dowd, 12/23/15.  "Adorable foxes are stealing food, phones from a San Jose golf course." 

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Yip, off "fore" the hunt
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What? It's my toy now
"A band of thieves has made a local golf course its favorite hunting ground, but they're so darn cute that law enforcement might let this one slide.
A skulk of foxes (yes, that's the official term for a group of foxes) has taken up residence at Los Lagos Golf Course in San Jose and, according to a Mercury News story, they're stealing everything from sandwiches to cell phones to GPS trackers.
"They once got my sandwich and a third of a banana," Los Lagos golfer Paul Cook told the Mercury News. "Worked the zipper on my bag to get it; I didn't think that was possible."
The foxes have been there at least a decade, but they've gotten increasingly brazen and less people-shy. While golfers' backs are turned, they've taken to rifling through their golf carts for anything that smells delicious."

Reference. Lagos Golf Course, Los Lagos, San Jose, Wildlife Gallery.  Foxes on YouTube, Clay Bergren, 24 seconds,  and Mathew Clark, 37 seconds.

Related.  What sound does a fox make? YouTube, Fox sounds/Adorable channel, 4:06 minutes; domesticated fox videos follow: "Fox go FLOOF by foxalbiazul, 5:04 minutes, and "Happy Thanksgiving RonRon" by foxalbiazul, 12:54 minutes.  More information and a silly musical video, Popular Science/Animals/Dan Nosowitz, 9/5/13, YouTube 3:44 minutes/by Ylvis, a Norwegian musical duo.  Note: photographs. Two foxes from Los Lagos, San Jose, Wildlife section. Fox steals a golf ball by Oscar Dewhurst/Solent News, from Golf blog.

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