Tuesday, December 1, 2015

New Pacifica Publisher Welcomed

46 Pacifica community and business leaders enjoyed a fall evening at A Grape in the Fog welcoming new Pacifica Tribune publisher Sherman Frederick to town.  Over  wine and AGITF hors d'oeuvres, conversations ran from our new library efforts, the fresh look of the Tribune to beaches, a great golf course and our unique coastside town.

( l-r)
Chris Porter, Recology General Manager;
Sherman Frederick, Tribune publisher;
Jim Wagner, Chair Pacifica Business & Community PAC;
Lisa Villasenor, Sharp Park golf course advocate; 
Sue Beckmeyer, Pacifica Library Foundation.

Submitted by Mark Stechbart


Steve Sinai said...

Uh-oh, Sherman's making a move on Chris,

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the most popular topic of conversation---

Who the Enviromental crowd will run against Chamber/Realtor crowd in next year's City Council election.

The strong betting was on Keener's personal doberman Stegnik and his misfit crew.

Anonymous said...

You guys kiss up to Sherman all you want. He looks like a hippie.

Jim said...

Sherman is a serious newspaper professional with a long history of running papers. we're lucky to have him here. We might even get some comprehensive unbiased coverage of the many issues of concern facing Pacifica. That would be most welcome.

Anonymous said...

Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

"We might even get some comprehensive unbiased coverage of the many issues of concern facing Pacifica." Who's going to do that? Certainly not Sherman. Who will be editor? Who will be reporting?

Anonymous said...

Would be nice to have an editor who realized how much money realtors spend on advertising.

Sherman's other papers are extremely liberal even for the bay area.

He's pushed rent control. He's pushed a global warming agenda.

He may smile, wear a cashmere sweater, and drink red wine, but there is only one person in that photo that isn't fooled.

Anonymous said...

Sherman has a Cheshire Cat smile. I expect he's been "rushed" by eager little photo buddies before.

Anonymous said...

Hey, 12:27, share your reasons for your profound observation.

Anonymous said...

Wagner photo bombed them!