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Sea level rise and coastal erosion planning, San Francisco through Pacifica

Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, Staff writer, 12/9/15.  "Experts study coastal erosion, storm damage."

Image result for Pacifica, CA high coastal waves pictures
Image result for Pacifica, CA high coastal waves pictures
Only 20 foot waves, no biggy.
"The Coastal Sediment Management Workgroup is drafting a Coastal Regional Sediment Management Plan for the San Francisco Littoral Cell, which extends from the Golden Gate to south Pacifica. A draft of the plan is expected in January.

Diagrams of sea level rise predictions show different problems, including no beach in Pacifica in the winter. Sea level rise predictions steadily work away at the coastline, taking away, for example, the Pacifica Pier and Beach Boulevard in Sharp Park and much of the existing beach at Linda Mar. 

The study predicts what will happen in 50 years if nothing is done and tells residents what action plans are available.  For Pacifica, beach nourishment or managed retreat is recommended in different areas. The plan presents opportunities for funding to fix these problems if recommendations are addressed through economies of scale. Funding is possible through the Corps of Engineers or California State Parks’ Division of Waterways."  Read article.

Image result for Pacifica, CA high coastal waves pictures
Uh-oh, 2010
Reference. State of CA Coastal Sediment Management Workgroup. "Our collaborative taskforce of state, federal and local/regional entities, concerned about adverse impacts of coastal erosion on our coastal habitats, is working to implement Regional Sediment Management (RSM) to augment or restore natural processes."

Related.  Local organizations.  ESA, environmental science and planning consultant firm.
and San Francisco Estuary Partnership. "The San Francisco Estuary Partnership is a coalition of resource agencies, non-profits, citizens, and scientists working to protect, restore, and enhance water quality and fish and wildlife habitat in and around the San Francisco Bay Delta Estuary. Working cooperatively, we share information and resources that result in studies, projects, and programs that improve the Estuary and communicate its value and needs to the public." The Association of Bay Area Governments is the home agency for Partnership staff and finances. Our offices are located at the San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board in Oakland."  Workshop announcements, 12/2/15.  Fix Pacifica, and SPUR.   

Related news article.  ABC 7 News/Weather/Matt Keller, 12/11/15, includes news videos, "Bay Area storm brings high surf, flood advisory along coast." "PACIFICA, Calif. (KGO) --Along the coast, the storm is bringing high surf, and dangerous riptides. It's beautiful to look at, but get too close and you could be swept out to sea.The National Weather Service is reporting swells up to 33 feet along the coast from San Francisco to Big Sur, and with swell periods of 17 seconds. The high surf warning is in effect until 5 p.m. In Pacifica, waves are measuring at about 20 feet."

Photographs/Pacifica coast.  Pier:  face page to a video from a  San Francisco CBS 5 video, 12/11/15.  Rockaway parking lot: face page by Matt Keller from the related ABC 7 news article, 12/11/15 (above).  View from the Esplanade Avenue apartment, 1/27/10 , Enlightened Conflict/Bruce Blaisdell.

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Captain Bligh said...

Wouldn't it be ironic for one of those loose containers to take out our pier. An EMPTY container takes out the only place that is really unique to Pacifica.
Find the metaphor.

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Matson Line heard we needed affordable housing.