Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Discussions to house homeless people, San Jose, Santa Clara County

San Jose Mercury News/Bay Area News/Ramona Giwargis, 12/7/15. "San Jose councel explores tent city idea to house homeless."
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Addressing the immediate housing need, while
the affordable housing solution seems elusive.

"SAN JOSE -- Faced with increasing public pressure and the threat of homeless people dying on the streets this winter, the City Council on Tuesday will discuss creating a tent city to house a portion of the roughly 4,000 people in San Jose who have no place to lay their heads at night. 

Officials are contemplating the extraordinary measure to address what's become an intractable homeless problem in America's 10th largest city, home to some of the world's most profitable tech companies. But the idea of opening a city-sanctioned encampment, following the lead of Seattle and a handful of other West Coast cities, is bound to be controversial.

 ....  Santa Clara County recently floated the concept of tent cities. The Board of Supervisors accepted a Housing Task Force recommendation to explore unconventional housing options and allocated $200,000 to a nonprofit selected to run it. The county has the third-largest number of chronically homeless people compared to others its size."  Read article. 

Note photograph from Hawaii Appleseed, Center for law and economic justice. From about us: "Hawaii Appleseed Center for Law and Economic Justice part of the Appleseed Network, a nonprofit network of 17 public interest justice centers in the United States and Mexico."    

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

So many homeless like I have never seen before. I just found out someone who has always led a stable life as a musician is homeless. It's not the rent. It's not healthcare. I was told it was because no small bars around will allow music. No more money. Wow. Can't get work.

Anonymous said...

City Council are you listening? What happened to your highly publicized homeless counts?

Do you think maybe someone down at City Hall will read up on how other cities are getting things done, while Pacifica rots on the vine?

The Local Libertarian said...

@9:26 -- The American Economy is in an irretrievable decline. The economic phenomenon of SF Bay Area is akin to a dead cat bounce .
Middle class has been hollowed out. There is no incentive to save. All investment comes from debt. And quality debt is only available to those that have leverage. And those that don't have leverage end up with bad debts. Its a downward spiral -- eventually homelessness, resort to desperation, disenfranchisement .. crime.
The golden age is over.
See the link in my handle. Commodities are cheap. That is indicative of low consumption demand.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lib,
How long do we have till it all goes to hell?
I have local real estate holdings. Should I be liquidating them now?
Are we at least safe up to election time?

Anonymous said...

Local Lib, you silly. Pacifica is the land that time forgot. We had no golden age and have been in "irretrievable decline" for decades. We are prepared for the collapse you describe because it's been our "normal" for so long.

The Local Libertarian said...

Dear Anonymous,

The fact of homelessness in Bay Area which is considered an independently strong economy on par with world standards is indication of how imbalanced the system has become. There is always an opportunity to make money regardless of what the ground situation may be. An example of this is contraband marketing in prison system.

But, that is not an ideal that we should strive for. It may be that people have profitable real estate holdings. But any amount of wealth is secondary to personal security. A balanced system strives to create personal security/safety net for everyone. The usual outcome is low crime. That was the premise of western model (though it had its own bloody history and severe failings). But overarching goal was life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for everyone.

In an imbalanced system, one may be paper rich -- but living gets hard and life becomes cheap, peace of mind goes out the window, crime rises .. you are still rich, so what?

Sure, one can hire force and lock themselves up in walled gardens. There is always that .. a different kind of prison.