Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Pacifica Historical Society has a new President


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Kathleen Manning outgoing President.
Paul Slavin incoming President.

Pacifica Tribune/Jean Bartlett, Features correspondent, 12/18/15. "Pacifica Historical Society's new leader.  Paul Slavin takes over from outgoing president Kathleen Manning."


Twenty-four years ago, Kathleen Manning joined the Pacifica Historical Society to help save the Little Brown Church. Four years later she became president of the all-volunteer nonprofit and has served as president since. At the Society’s recent fourth quarterly meeting held at Sam Mazza’s Castle, Manning announced she is stepping down as president. Paul Slavin has accepted the role of incoming president. 

.... 'Paul will bring new ideas and enthusiasm for our projects,” Manning said. “I look forward to being a working member of his Board of Directors.' ”  Read article.


Reference - Pacifica Historical Society,  Facebook.  Chamber of Commerce/Visit Pacifica.  Note:  photograph by Jean Bartlett of Kathleen Manning and Paul Slavin from the Pacifica Tribune article above.


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