Sunday, November 29, 2015

Meeting to finalize Redevelopment Agency tax obligation, Monday, November 30, 2015

Today, the following City Successor Board to the Redevelopment Agency meeting replaced any previously scheduled Planning Commission meeting for Monday, November 30, 2015 on the City Calendar; however, there was also no Agenda posted for a Planning Commission meeting. 

The City of Pacifica Successor Agency to the City of Pacifica Redevelopment Agency will meet at the City Council Chambers, 2212 Beach Boulevard. The meeting begins at 5:30 PM. 

Image result for Pacifica, CA parking lots, Rockaway Beach picture
City loan to prior Redevelopment Agency
for Rockaway Beach parking, $3,237,150.
Enforceable State tax obligation, $136,442.
Board members:  Lorenzo Hines, Jr. (representing: City of Pacifica RDA Employees); Pete DeJarnatt (representing San Mateo County Library, JPA); Raymond Chow (representing San Mateo Community College District); Mike Callagy (representing San Mateo County); Penny Bennett (representing San Mateo County); Josie Peterson (representing Pacifica School District); Mary Ann Nihart (representing City of Pacifica).

 City of Pacifica Agenda, 11/30/15, pdf pages 19. 

1.  Roll call, welcome and introductions. 
2.  Approve 9/29/15 Minutes.
3.  Consideration and approval of second amended long-range Property Management Plan, with minor, technical and clarifying revisions to the Plan.  Resolution, pages 5-8. 
4.  Public comments.
5.  Board Comments.
6.  Adjourn. 
From the above Agenda, computer pages noted below. 
Resolution. page 6.  ...."... The City of Pacifica loaned $3,237,150 to the Redevelopment Agency to finance implementation of the Redevelopment Plan, including the construction and improvement of off-street parking lots.  .... ...The Redevelolpment Agency owned six parcels of real property containing approximately 35,100 square feet which had been developed for surface parting lots utilizing City funds loaned to the Redevelopment agency..." Page 7. .... "September 22, 2015, the California Legislature enacted SB 107... amending various provisions of the Redevelopment Dissolution Law. ... such parking lots and facilities do not generate revenue in excess of reasonable maintenance costs of the properties. Whereas, the Oversight Board hereby finds and determines that that the parking lots are dedicated solely to public parking; that the parking lots do not generate any revenue whatsoever; and that the City incurred, and continues to incur, reasonable and necessary cost for maintaining the parking lots."

Overview (background information).   Page 11.  ... "March 1986, the Pacifica City Council adopted a Specific Plan pursuant to the California Planning and Zoning Law for the Rockaway Beach area within the City. ...   Page 12.  .... "In July 1986, the City Council adopted a Redevelopment Plan for the Rockaway Beach Project Area. ... .... .
In June 2000 and December 2009, the Former RDA adopted Implementation Plans for the Rockaway Beach Redevelopment Project. The Implementation Plans reported that the activities carried out by the Former RDA had resulted in the completion of visitor-serving commercial uses, three hotels, a new off-street parking lot and improvements to existing parking areas. At the time the Former RDA was issolved, it owned a total of six parcels which were developed for two inter-connected surface parking lots located on the same block. These parking lots were an essential prerequisite for the development of nearby commercial properties, and the loss of the parking lots would leave those properties with little or no off-street parking spaces to serve their customers and occupants. In addition, the parking lots are located a short distance from public beach and open space areas and are available for public users of these recreation aras.  The parking lots are open to the public, operate free of charge and do not generate any revenue. The City provides funding for necessary maintenance and repairs."  
Page 13, comment .... The Successor Agency believes that the market value of the parking lots is severely constrained by the absence of other parking to support existing development and by applicable City planning policies, rules and regulations which envision continued use of the parking lots for public parking."  
Page 15, 16, Location chart/map.  Page s 17-19, State of CA/Department of Finance, "Long-range property management plan checklist".

Reference, 9/29/15 Meeting - Agenda,  Resolution, Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule (ROPS), 04-2015, Resolution 04-2015 (ROPS 15-16B).  and ROPS Payment Summary, Detail,15-16B. Page 1, items H, I, enforceable tax obligation, $136,442. Minutes 9/29/15.  Redevelopment Successor Agency Archives.

Note photograph titled "then" by Mark Alburger, composer/director,  from Mark Alburger, 2014 blog.
Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Has Pacifica ever got the money back they sent to the state?

Anonymous said...

Kathy, can you explain what that means?
Did we as a city really loan someone $3.2 million dollars?

Tom Clifford said...

The City of Pacifica in 1986 loan 3.2 million to the Rockaway Redevelopment Agency.The problem is that the R.D.A. never paid the loan back and when the State took over all R.D.A. in the State it wrote the law in such a way that the State did not have to pay outstanding loans. So long story longer instead of $3.2 million we will get $400,000.00

Anonymous said...

Isn't the question about the money the city mistakenly paid to the state when redevelopment was ended? 7:42 question is a good one. Did we ever get the money back? Is it gone? Or is anything being done to get the money back?

Thomas Clifford said...

Anonymous 1:52 The in-lieu Parking fee, collected in Rockaway,were sent to the State by mistake an the City is still trying to get them back.

Anonymous said...

Seems like this city has been rather careless with the money it collects from citizens.

Anonymous said...

While Pacifica continues to run on fumes, South San Francisco City Council and Planning are dealing with Costco to open a Costco Business Center at the old Levitz Furniture Building.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Pacifica just spend less money?

If we're running on fumes why are we considering building subsidized housing for already overpaid city workers?

It's just common sense not to spend money we don't have.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder of a really big screw-up 742/152. LMAO. Of course we never recovered from the state the money City Hall sent them in error. I think it was about $350K, but who's counting? Certainly not Pacifica. The State says send more anytime, you morons. And for all we know, they have.

Anonymous said...

Ask Lancelle, Digre and deJarnutt what happened to all of this money. They were the geniuses in control of our tax dollars when all of this monkey business occurred. Lancelle, you're oh so willing to dazzle us with your elder stateswoman wisdom how about surprising us with some truth and personal accountability?

Anonymous said...

Lancelle is stiffing around thinking about running for City Council once again

Anonymous said...

If Lancelle can't account for all of this "misplaced" money she'd be very foolish to run again.

Anonymous said...

What is today's Pacifica city council doing to get our money back?

Nihart has clearly failed. Someone else in City Council has to step up.

Please don't just give up on our money, City of Pacifica, we work hard to to make this money you spend and give away so freely!


Anonymous said...

I like how NOBODY on City Council today seems to bear any responsibility for our missing $3.2 million, or our missing $4.5 million?

So $7.7M is KNOWN to be missing from our citizen's wallets and City of Pacifica wants us to trust them with even MORE money?

The City of Pacifica thinks you're rich and stupid.