Sunday, November 18, 2012

Keep Sharp Park a golf course: Please try to attend the SF Board of Supervisor's meeting at SF City Hall, Monday, November 19 at 1 PM

I realize it's late notice, and people may have other things to do (like work,) but if anyone has the time, it would be really helpful to show up at the SF Board of Supervisor's meeting at SF City Hall on Monday, September 19 @ 1 PM. It's in Room 250.

Let the supervisors know you are opposed to starting the Environmental Review Process for Sharp Park over again. Brent Plater and his Frog Qaeda group lost in the court of public opinion, and hardly anyone in Pacifica claims to support turning Sharp Park into a useless frog-and-snake preserve anymore.

Please remember, Plater's champions in SF City Hall have been "Bruiser" Ross Mirkarimi, losing SF Mayoral candidate John Avalos, and unelected Supervisor Christina Olague, who just lost her bid to keep her seat. A bunch of winners, huh?

No doubt Plater and his merry band of twirly-dancing sycophants, students looking for extra credit, and Occupiers pulled off the streets, will be there.

These battles never seem to end, and you never know how these things will turn out, so let's keep reminding SF City Hall that the great majority of Pacificans do not want the Sharp Park Golf Course shut down.

Some of the Supervisors will likely run for State Assembly or Senate one day, and their districts will include Pacifica. It would be a mistake to think they'd blow off the opinions of the locals.

Here's what Wild Equity, AKA Frog Qaeda, is posting about the hearing -

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