Saturday, November 3, 2012

Best two year candidate for city council is Mike O'Neill

"Rich Campbell represents the old way, Mike O'Neill represents progress" by Bob Hutchinson 

"Rich Campbell is FOR the Golf Course remaining open but the groups supporting him are fighting to close it.   

 Does that sound funny to you? 

Rich Campbell is for the Golf Course remaining open except the groups supporting him are fighting to close it.

Nope, still sounds funny. We used to say if it smelled like &^% it probably was &^%.

Neither of current council, Mary Ann or Len really want to work with Rich Campbell because he represents the people they have been fighting for years. Rich Campbell is basically a mini me of Jim Vreeland. Ask them for yourself.

None of the other candidates Vellone or Ervin (who are not his opponents) think Campbell will be good for Pacifica. 

Please ask any of them if you should vote for Rich Campbell, they will say please don't.

This is because Rich Campbell represents the old way. The way we've done things for the past 20+ years that has driven us to the brink of bankruptcy.  The way of Jim Vreeland, Pete Dejarnett and Sue Digre. If you liked them you'll love Rich Campbell.

Sue Digre by the way is the only council person who supports Campbell. This is the Sue Digre who said she can't vote on highway one because of sea level rising (Hwy 1 is 50 feet above sea level). This is the Sue Digre who has voted against almost any new development in Pacifica unless it was a hiking trail. The Sue Digre that mumbles to herself and pretty much embarrasses us in the County. This is Rich Campbell's only supporter on council. 
I'm voting for O'Neill too

Hiking trails are great but Sue's favorite saying "Our environment is our economy" has not worked too well. We need to attract new business and development so we have money to build trails, not the other way around.

Yes we need to protect our environment. But for far too long  we have protected ourselves to death. The last person we need on council now is an Environmental Protection Agency Lawyer who will find every reason to stall every project. We played this game already. We know where it leads.

It's time to finally move forward. We are at a crossroads. Two of the three anti progress council people are gone. If we elect three new candidates there will be no stopping Pacifica.

If we elect Rich Campbell God help us.

Once again I urge Pacificans to cast their vote for Mike O'Neill for the two year seat against Rich Campbell." 

Note:  the above was submitted as a letter to the editor, 10/28/12, but not printed in the 10/31/12 edition.     Photo by Bruce Hollmon.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Johnny T said...

No facts just opinions. How about posting some quotes from Len and Mary about how they perceive Mr. Campbell, instead of just spewing it out.

Anonymous said...

He said to ask them yourself. Not too hard unless your a hippy without a phone or email

Anonymous said...

This is total B.S.

Ask any current council member if you should vote for Mike O'Neill, they will say no.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Spano. He seems to have a grip on what it takes to bring businesses in to fill empty storefronts, which seems to be Pacifica's biggest product.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Spano too for same reason

Tommy Truth Teller said...

Take a look at this. Climate Action Draft. Planning thought it was brilliant. Read the parts about coastal retreat. Or, if you live in Linda Mar, Rockaway, Fairway, and Sharp Park, read the section on point of sale enviro upgrades.
I think Campbell was chair when this report came through. Enough evidence for me to reject his candiday. I'm voting for O'Neill.

Anonymous said...

Spano is our man

Lets go Pacifica

Anonymous said...

@1022 Nonsense. Furthermore, who cares what an incumbent or another candidate has to say about Mike O'Neill? We're not setting up playdates and none of these individuals you mention is so stellar that they should be dictating who joins them on council. Quite the opposite. We need change. O'Neill's track record speaks loud and clear. He's extremely well-qualifed and a problem-solver with real world experience with Pacifica's chronic troubles. We'd be lucky to have him on council.

Anonymous said...

anons1109, 1202 great! Two more votes for Campbell!

Anonymous said...

I am voting for Campbell. I want the chosen one on council when the city files for bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

Thats right, if you vote for Spano you are pretty much voting for Campbell.

Do you understand that Spano and O'neill will split the pro growth vote? Campbell is the only enviro candidate.

So by voting for Spano you're guaranteeing Campbell wins. We need to vote for O'Neill.

Anonymous said...

No, we don't need to vote for O'Neill. If you think Spano is better qualified, vote for him.

Mr. O'Neill is long experienced as a politician, that doesn't make him a better choice for the public good.

Anonymous said...

No it doesn't 934, but his track record of public service with the school district certainly does. His experience is the most similar to what a councilperson faces. No one else in this election or on council is anywhere near as qualified. And, he has a better chance than Spano of defeating Campbell and Pacifica's future depends on that.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
@1022 "who cares what an incumbent or another candidate has to say about Mike O'Neill? "


You couldn't be more wrong. We need council to work together.

Over the past 10 plus years we have had a majority of no-growth council members. People like Mary Ann and Len have been bulldozed. The result is a city in a severe financial crisis.

Now we have a chance to elect 2 new pro growth candidates. There opinion of Rich Campbell very much matters.

We need to elect someone who will be on the same track as the rest of the council (except Digre).


Anonymous said...

@645 We need to elect the best qualified person who may or may not be the favorite of incumbents and other candidates. Council working together is not always a good thing, as you yourself note, although it does provide a certain cover for failure. A Council made up of qualified, responsible members who do their job will be effective for all of us. Less focus on a particular idealogy and more on what is best for this town.

Anonymous said...

I'm just guessing but I'd be very surprised if Nihart or Stone want to see O'Neill or Vellone win. O'Neill in particular makes his own decisions. They might be the same as Nihart's and Stone's, but he'll make his own. Somebody like Spano or even, shudder, Campbell, would be their likely choice over O'Neill. Campbell's all about negotiation and they'll think they can work with that. Fox in the henhouse is what that will be. And Spano, as a true newbie to public office, could be tucked under a wing for lots of guidance. Now, Ervin is really their dream candidate.