Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Forest Fairies run this town

Nihart is out with City Manager Rhodes on a road show of sorts addressing local groups to garner support for fund raising via the taxpayers pockets. Yea, Pacifica is broke. Most of us realize that sad reality. It's time for the other council members to get out in our community to make their pitches.

I would love to see Mayor Sue Digre defend her mantra "The Ecology is our Economy" to the workers getting laid off. Or Julie expound on how we should all get along. Oh, and Waldo, oops I mean Pete, attempting to address a group and explain away the mysteriously invisible 7 million in reserves he campaigned on in 2008. Or the Teflon Councilman, Jim Vreeland, explaining why he fails to show at so many important council meetings. These 4, long term council members, have collectively destroyed the economic viability of Pacifica by pandering to the forest fairies who seem to run this town behind the scenes. I challenge them to show me one economically viable project they are responsible for. On the other hand, I can name many failed expensive, money wasting, pet projects these 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse have been responsible for.

Submitted by Jim Wagner

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Unknown said...

How about toll boths at the trail head entrances. Diamond Head has one!