I coach a HS boys cross country team and we are planning to run in the Stanford Invitational this Sept. I chose Pacifica so the kids can see a little of everything. It would be easy to get a cheap hotel off the interstate in Palo Alto, but this could be a once in a lifetime deal, so Pacifica here we come! We will have some time to see San Fran the day before we race and do some touristy things. Thinking of Fishermans Wharf, taking a cable car to Niketown, having dinner at Ciopinno's and just general sight seeing

My questions, #1 does anyone know where we could get in some easy trail runs around the Holiday Inn Express before and after we compete? Some typical "in the pines" type trail runs? (we could drive a few min. if we need too)

#2 Where could 20+ people dine fairly close to Pacifica after the race Saturday night (the race is late in the afternoon and we will want to take it easy)

#3 Any idea what to expect on weather? Last year the race was run in 100+ temps...inland at Stanford. Is that typical? What can we expect back by the beach?

Posted by Steve Sinai