Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Residents irate as Bell council requests report on salaries

Community groups were demanding the resignation of Bell's city council members, most of whom make $100,000 a year; police chief, who makes $457,000; and city manager, who makes $787,637.

A Bell councilman said Monday that he didn't know his salary was $90,000 a year less than his colleagues' nor that some city administrators made far more than that, until The Times reported that the district attorney's office was investigating why the pay was so high for the part-time positions.

Councilman Lorenzo Velez said he is being paid $8,076 a year, while his colleagues are drawing nearly $100,000 annually.

Ahead of Monday night's council meeting, Velez called for an investigation, saying that if The Times' report is true, the city manager, assistant city manager, police chief and entire council should resign.

The Times reported that Bell's Chief Administrative Officer Robert Rizzo was earning $787,637 annually, twice as much as President Obama; Police Chief Randy Adams was earning $457,000 a year, 50% more than Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck; and Assistant City Manager Angela Spaccia was earning $376,288, more than most city managers.

Hundreds of angry residents attended Monday night's council meeting, expecting that officials would take action against Rizzo. Earlier in the day, Vice Mayor Teresa Jacobo said she expected Rizzo to resign or be fired at the meeting.

Instead the council, citing legal concerns, ordered a staff report on city salaries, sparking outrage from spectators.


Posted by Steve Sinai

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