Pacificans are invited to participate in three subcommittees that are part of the city of Pacifica's Economic Development Committee. The next meeting is 6 p.m. Aug. 10 in the conference room at the Police Department, 2075 Cabrillo Highway. 

The subcommittees are tasked with improving customer service ( city permits, etc.), assisting businesses and marketing Pacifica. For more information or to sign up, contact me at or leave your name at my City Hall mailbox. 

The work plan of the Economic Committee, which was approved by the City Council in January of this year involves the following goals and objectives: 
Objective No. 1 — Review and develop plans to improve customer service in departments interfacing with current and potential Pacifica businesses 
Streamline permit process for the opening of a new business or events 
•Develop a questionnaire for those that have been through the current process recently, establish strengths or weakness of current process. 
•Explore the potential for development of an on-line project status report tool. 
•Research other city's processes to identify best practices that might be used in Pacifica. 
•Work with the City Manager to consider the assignment of a liaison to assist the applicant with the permit process. 
•Establish a defined and easy to follow rule set and application procedure for non-permanent facilities to be used during an event. 


Posted by Steve Sinai