Thursday, July 1, 2010

Are you traveling this 4th of July?

Here's the picture from the Orange County Register 7/1/10, their article is "July 4th holiday travel spikes after two-year lull" article.  Of the 4 pictures chosen for this article, here's the "near Pacifica" picture.  Really, considering Pacifica is known by observation and slogan as "Scenic Pacifica" couldn't their journalist/photographer have done better than that?

"Travelers will be hitting the road in rising numbers this weekend after two years of stay-at-home celebrations for the Fourth of July. Commuters can expect crowded freeways and more officers patrolling the highways and streets. High gasoline prices and a sputtering economy have kept many travelers off the road or out of airports for the past two years. But the Automobile of Southern California projects a big spike – 19 percent – this holiday season."
Orange County article

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