Monday, July 5, 2010

Did we make it though another July 4th celebration yet?

This morning the birds are still chirping, no deer or raccoons around, not looking for skunks.  This year so far no unusual sightings of a fox or coyote on the back hill.  Frogs, snakes and insects, well? There's an  unusual fly buzzing through my office, he doesn't belong here so maybe he flew-in for protection, good luck.

Last night Linda Mar valley was host to several illegal firework bombs, and I suppose there's nothing to prevent that from happening.  "The police can't be everywhere" to paraphrase Sandra Varga in her 6/30 Pacifica Tribune "order to chaos" letter-to-the-editor, (listed 4th).  

Why continue this barbaric practice of lightening-up neighborhood fireworks in the first place?  Okay, "barbaric" is too wimpy, too severe, you have your legal rights, and after all "its for the children". Is it?  What might be the results of an unofficial poll "for or against" these neighborhood fireworks?  Probably something like 45% for, 45% against, 10% don't know, don't care, can't figure-it-out. Just a guess from city council audience participation in the past.    

Once again we seem to have skated through another year with no apparent injuries, or burn-downs, and the hills look okay so far. Our domestic pets are a little more neurotic as is wild life, but expected to recover.  The clubs made a few dollars the city cannot provide.  Guess that's a good thing.  

Posted by Kathy Meeh

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