Friday, July 9, 2010

New Dog Park in Fremont

 The new Fremont "dog park" city infrastructure, provided by a city or developer/city, with city maintenance is the way adding a dog park within a city community is supposed to happen.  City infrastructure, not citizen volunteer effort.  We all live here in Pacifica, we all pay taxes, dogs exist, and about 18%+ of our families include dog family members. Beyond food, water, shelter, and love, dogs need  exercise, and socialization.  City council has had 8 years to fix this irregularity, and other financial/economic/civic infrastructure inadequacies of this city-- it didn't happen.  Vote them out this year!

From the article...The new park, jointly sponsored by BART and the City of Fremont, is larger than the previous one and includes separate areas for large and small dogs. It also has perimeter walkways, benches, water fountains with pet bowls and lighting for evening use. It is a 15-minute walk from the park to the existing Fremont BART Station.

The Warm Springs project is a 5.4-mile BART extension south from the Fremont BART Station into the Warm Springs District of Fremont. There may also be an optional station in the Irvington District, depending on future funding through the City of Fremont. Full article Full article 7/1/10.

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