Monday, July 5, 2010

Highway 1 public info meeting slides from June 22

These are the slides that were presented at the June 22 Highway 1 meeting held at City Council chambers.

Posted by Steve Sinai


Kathy Meeh said...

So, here's the presentation with analysis and various considerations. Very clear. Does Pacifica need an improved highway? Yes. And, did the experts also say it would be just as easy or easier to turn-off for Rockaway businesses (there will be a turn-off lane each way)? Yes they did. Meantime on the other blog voice (Riptide), rather than fixing a bottle-neck at Rena del Mar (Vallemar) you'd think what was being proposed was a 6 lane highway without traffic lights all the way through town to Los Angeles at 65 mph.

Wait to get the perfect solution the 1.3 miles at Calera Parkway? "Perfect solution" in Tod Bray's article is code word for the usual: NOTHING.

Also, on Riptide how about taking Dan Underhill's advisement, but send an email note of support to:
(remember to put "SR1/Calera Parkway" in subject line) BEFORE public comment closes July 22. Thanks Dan.

Kathy Meeh said...

The 1.3 mile highway improvement draft environmental impact report (which takes up to 18 months to complete) seems to be viewed as the unnecessary, "illegal", 6 lane highway "freight train" to Los Angeles, intended to destroy Pacifica on the other opinion blog (Riptide).

Although the professionals have researched all the possibilities noted in the above link, according to all Riptide posters (except 1, our Steve Sinai) they know nothing. Only the geniuses who have brought-us "broken down city" have the keys to knowledge and wisdom. And, therein again is the endemic problem in this city. No to progress, no to city improvement-- even no to Sharp Park Golf Course "open space" imagine that--while the city continues to rot.

Fortunately for the most part reason prevails on Fix Pacifica.

Unknown said...

I am not convinced the widening options without eliminating the signal lights at Vallemar and Rockaway is an adequate longer term fix. With the tunnel due to open which is bound to substantially increase traffic, I believe the only workable much longer term solution is grade separation at Vallemar and Rockaway. This will allow for the highway to flow freely for through traffic. In as much as above fix is much more expensive and funds may not be found in the foreseeable future, I reluctantly do support the widening plan, which is better than doing nothing.