Monday, May 15, 2017

UPDATE: Pacifica Rent Control Referendum COMPLETED

Good News! On Monday morning, 3,760 signatures were successfully submitted to the City Clerk in a referendum on a Rent Control Ordinance in Pacifica. Monday's submission of the signatures puts an immediate halt to the rent control ordinance passed 3-2 by the Pacifica City Council.

The 3,760 signatures were gathered in only 12 days, even considering the heavy obstruction and interference by pro-rent control advocates, who literally got into people's faces attempting to block signature gatherers from collecting signatures. The number submitted to the City Clerk today is 155% of the signatures necessary to qualify the referendum, an incredibly safe margin.

Thanks to all of the people who helped gather signatures and talk to their friends and neighbors about the onerous Rent Control Ordinance passed by the Pacifica City Council.

Now, SAMCAR will join the Coalition for Housing Equality and turn its attention to defeating the Comprehensive, Retroactive Rent Control, "Just Cause" Eviction, Mandatory Relocation Payments Ordinance that the Pacifica Council placed on the November ballot.

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Anonymous said...

Vote No on Property Control this Fall. Join the citizens of Burlingame and San Mateo in rejecting this draconian poorly written ordinance that enriches the pockets of attorneys and housing activists that care about their business model not tenants or property owners.

Anonymous said...

I want to thank the people, the very brave people for collecting these signatures. Without Americans like you we would be in deep doodoo. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Not so quickly should this achievement be celebrated. Surely, the pro-rent control people will challenge all the signatures, visiting door to door and harassing people who signed, trying to get them to change their minds.

Anonymous said...

negative on challenges and door-to-door. City clerk checks names for registration status and correct address (as opposed to digre who is still in the wind). Names are not disclosed to opponents. City clerk then certifies the referendum qualifies for the ballot.

wake up Pacifica said...

If you are NOT in favor of this city killing rent control initiative, it is very important that you vote and urge your neighbors, friends and family to vote as well.
Remember that the NOBY's have a big stake in this outcome and they usually vote as a block with a very high percentage of turnout. They are small in number but very well organized.
Please don't be lulled into non-action.
RENT CONTROL reduces the quality of rental stock.
RENT CONTROL enables the self serving NOBY's to continue their anti-development agenda, which also includes construction of affordable housing.
RENT CONTROL discourages any investment into Pacifica.
RENT CONTROL will further destroy Pacifica's economy.
RENT CONTROL will do great harm to our beautiful city.
We need affordable housing construction
NOT destructive obstruction disguised as RENT CONTROL.

Anonymous said...

I can vouch that most signatures are real because I have them on surveillance going house to house IN PACIFICA.

Anonymous said...

I don't want affordable housing or rent control. The affordable housing in Half Moon Bay is a known gang stronghold. Several murderers have been traced back there.

Anonymous said...

To equate affordable housing with murder is one of the sickest arguments I have ever read.
It sounds eerily similar to Cynthia Koffman's claim that the right wing in Pacifica killed Vreeland.
This only shows that the faux-enviro NIMBY's in our town will say ANYTHING to block common sense solutions in their pursuit of RENT CONTROL.
Let's see if PIA and the "Fair Rent" gang stronghold will disavow this tactic and support the building of affordable housing.
Crime is on the rise in Pacifica and it can be laid at the feet of our obstructionist Council and their puppet masters who have been monetarily starving Pacifica for decades. They have broken the ability of our police force to catch the bad-guys. They don't care because what's important to them is "I got mine, screw everybody else."

Rockaway Sue said...

7:22, must have learned reading comprehension from nancy hall at Vallemar school. I don't want rent control either. I want to raise rents high and drive out the lowlifes. I don't want gangbangers and tweakers grabbin' my amazon packages. put a freeway through this town and let the "victims" victimize another town. time to upgrade the population with women who look like women and men who look like men. walk down the promenade and you will be surprised. starting with digre. ughh

Anonymous said...

Rockaway Sue still lives?

Anonymous said...

Rockaway Sue passed away years ago!