Thursday, May 4, 2017

Sue Digre still mum on address

We still have no answers from Digre about these allegations. I wish she would check in and maybe some of the off-the-wall accusations will go away. Mind you, I disagree with most of the positions Digre takes, but she deserves to be heard and we deserve some transparency in our council.

Jim Wagner


Anonymous said...

"Where do you live?"

*refuses to answer*

*complains that paper reports that she refuses to answer*

*continues to refuse to answer*

Yes, Sue, it's the paper making you "look guilty." Uh, huh. Yep, nothing shady going on here, no siree.

Anonymous said...

Digre deserves to be heard, certainly, but she's been given ample opportunity to answer a pretty easy question and she's not giving anyone any answers. She could clear this up instantly, so she has no one to blame for the crazy speculation but herself.

I also enjoy the little lecture Deirdre Martin gave at the council meeting about how everyone should stop making theories up and "go to the source and ask her about it." Well, that's exactly what the Tribune did and it didn't help a whole lot because Digre wants to keep it all a big secret. Also notable that Digre didn't say squat about it at that same council meeting.

What is she hiding and why?

Anonymous said...

Holy cow, five weeks in and Sue Digre STILL won't say where she lived and when!

At some point, even the most loyal Digre-bot will have to admit that something really stinks.

If everything is perfectly legit, why won't Digre answer the question: Where did you live between 2010 and 2017? It's a very, very easy question to answer, but not for Sue because...??????

Anonymous said...

Maybe Sue simply forgot where she lived.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Sue simply forgot where she lived.

You know, I've heard Sue speak at a city council meeting and this is the most believable explanation yet.

Kathy Meeh (in hopes that Sue is cleared) said...

756, 624 and maybe you forgot your name. Perhaps that's believable too.

Anonymous said...


Sue has done nothing but spread the Vreeland and Dejarnuts, and "gang of no "destroying of Pacifica.

Why in hell would you want her cleared?

Kathy Meeh (the voice from your hell) said...

852, the "I want to protect myself" anonymous complaint failed to include a preliminary inquiry of Councilmember Sue Digre, the City, or even the City Attorney.
Rather the letter was accusatory, and allegedly copied a long list of City, County and State officials.
The document (signed by Anonymous to protect anonymous) seems more intent to besmirch Councilmember Digre in the scapegoat spirit of "witch hunt".
Such twisted political strategy may appeal to you-- it does not appeal to me!

Trivia for you. Councilmember Digre voted to support Palmetto Avenue Streetscape improvement, and she supported Lorie Tinfow (including that salary increase). Generally Digre is sensitive to trying to help people, and supports City history. (Also she will term-out in another 1 1/2 years-- meantime, careful what you wish for.)
As for Mayor Pete DeJarnatt: he and Councilmember Cal Hinton moved Highway 1 widening forward at County level.

Anonymous said...

The letter was signed by the person who turned it in to the DA. The name was blacked out when the letter was circulated to the local blogs.

Palmetto Streetscape brings no money into the city.

Tinfow is a cut and run coward who milked Pacifica Taxpayers.

Dejarnutts was owned by John Curtis.

Seriously I worry about you! I think your starting to lose it.

Kathy Meeh (my grasp on reality vs. yours) said...

645, wrong target, no preliminary inquiry, spewing a series of anonymous BS comments: really? Think your brain is working? You should worry about yourself, and no one else.

Steve Sinai said...

I'm not quite the fan of Sue D. that Kathy is, but a lot of us are tired of the sleazy tactics that permeate Pacifica politics. It doesn't matter who that sleaze comes from.

Anonymous said...

Kathy tends to give way too much credit to the people who destroyed Pacifica.

Sue Digre can't even come clean on her address, It was rumored for years she lived in the trailer court. Remember it's always the attempted cover up that gets you in more trouble then the crime.

Lorrie Tinfow, Bloated payroll, came in and tried to sell taxpayers on a 35 million dollar library. She hired an assistant city manager to do her job, while she blew taxpayer money going to seminars and conferences. As soon as her library vote failed she cut and run to Benicia. Wasn't liked or respected by staff and wouldn't bring in assistants to the people at city hall who really needed it.

Pete Degranatt, Old "sneaky Pete" the guy who was so happy to tell city council and Pacifica residents he talked to John Curtis 3 times a week.

How is this fixing Pacifica?

Kathy Meeh (credit ethics) said...

928, I'm against witch hunts, and filing government complaints without initial, preliminary City and target subject (Councilmember Sue Digre) inquiry.
(There was no indication in the complaint letter against Digre that such research had been done.)
And when the individual who makes such claims also fails to disclose their name in public, FMV such action is all the more nasty.
That's what happened in the complaint against Councilmember Sue Digre.

Now it seems you have linked me to your broadly connected, meritless set of assumptions, which include past and present City failures, crimes, and intrigues. Guess I'll take that as a compliment.

Anonymous said...

Sue Digre was cleared. Frank Vella filed the complaint.

Anonymous said...

Digre was cleared on the perjury charge. She's still under investigation for conflict of interest for failing to recuse herself from Pacific Skies Estates matters while living there.

Anonymous said...

Just because one agency believes that Sue Digre did not violate some act, doesn't mean that she handled herself in a impartial manner. she absolutely should have recused herself from a variety of issues that came before her!

Anonymous said...

No one, besides 7:08, has claimed that Sue Digre was "Cleared" of anything.

Anonymous said...

As expected, DA clears Sue Digre of any criminal charges.