Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Low income/affordable housing recent progress, San Mateo County


SF Gate/Filipa Loannou, 5/16/17. San Mateo County allocates millions for affordable housing."


Image result for 555 Crespi Drive, Pacifica, CA picture"San Mateo County will spend more than $40 million to expand affordable housing stock for families, veterans and the elderly, the Board of Supervisors unanimously decided on Tuesday.  

The decision comes as a new study by UC Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies finds that one in three households of low-income tenants in San Mateo County displaced by eviction and rising rents experiences some period of homelessness or “marginal housing” like staying with family or friends in the two years following the displacement.

At a Tuesday morning meeting, supervisors voted to use $43.75 million raised by Measure K, a half-cent sales tax extension adopted by voters last year, on affordable housing programs over the next two years."  Read more.


Image result for San Mateo County low income housing pictureRelated, San Mateo County. Article.  The Mercury News/Kevin Kelly, 5/17/17, "San Mateo County: Affordable housing gets big funding boost. County supervisors commit $44M toward new units over next 2 years." .... Of the funds, $35.75 million will go to the county’s Affordable Development and Preservation Fund; $5 million will go to the Housing Endowment and Regional Trust, a loan fund toward workforce housing; $1.4 million for tenant assistance programs; and $1.6 million for ongoing programming and staffing. The board earlier earmarked $22 million for the Preservation Fund, saying it could create 600 new units for seniors and begin development of 800 more units. The 62 percent funding increase suggests those figures could go significantly higher.  ....Since 2012, the county said it has spent $56.5 million toward 908 new housing units, of which 268 are complete, 73 are under construction and 567 are in development, according to the news release. It has also spent $13.1 million toward the preservation of 86 affordable rental units. Supervisors are expected to consider final recommendations for the 2017-2019 budget in June, with adoption expected in September."  County. County of San Mateo: Department of Housing;   Low Income Housing/Affordable Housing.  Ballot Measure,  Ballotpedia, Measure K, 11/8/16, yes 70.37%: 1/2 cent local sales tax ballot measure (expires in 20 years) text and voting results.  


Related, Pacifica. Article. Pacifica Tribune/Staff, 5/8/17,"Affordable senior housing renovated and ready to go." "It is hard to remember the old Ocean View Senior Apartments now that they have been renovated. City officials celebrated that fact when they rededicated the complex last month. .... Nonprofit BRIDGE Housing acquired the 100-apartment property at 555 Crespi Dr. in 2015 with the goal of preserving the property’s affordability and making needed capital improvements. BRIDGE is a nationally recognized nonprofit developer, owner and manager of affordable housing." ....    Financing for the $34 million recapitalization was provided by the County of San Mateo Department of Housing, the Housing Authority of the County of San Mateo, Merritt Community Capital Fund XVII, the California Housing Finance Agency, HEART of San Mateo County, the California Tax Credit Allocation Committee and the California Debt Limit Allocation Committee. The rehabilitation architect was Marx Okubo Associates and the general contractor was Deacon Corp."  


Note photographs.  Upper right. Ocean View Senior apartments, 555 Crespi Drive, Pacifica from BRIDGE Housing.   Lower right from San Mateo County/Veterans' Affairs Menlo Park campus, Palo Alto online news, 7/5/16, "San Mateo County attempts to take on housing crisis."


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Anonymous said...

St Pete's church parkinglot at oddstad and linda mar is huge and so is back lot! Yuge I say. Perfect place for affordable housing. Room for 60 units. Where are all those church ladies??

Anonymous said...

Sure. The money will disappear and homelessness will continue to rise until the sheep figure out that the bolsheviks in charge don't give a shit about you and your country de-industrializing, jobs gone, money gone, house gone. Go live by the train tracks where you have been assigned.

Anonymous said...

You mean the Bolsheviks who stole our latest council election in Pacifica, correct?
Deirdre, the the Dragon Lady, is doing great harm to our town. Her First Lieutenant Keener and the palace jester Digre are pulling up the rear.
Rise up people! Chase these evil doers out of town.

Joe Lewis said...


It was proposed. Catholic Charities wanted to build affordable housing there. The "Gang Of No" shot it down in the early planning stages,

David said...

Say it ain't so, Joe! As I remember it, it was to be a senior housing complex similar to what Good Shepard built behind their church but the good people of St Peter voted it down themselves in a perfect example of hypocritical NIMBYisn. The same good people who now work as the vanguard of Fair Rents to deprive owners of their property rights. How is that Christian?!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the "gang of no" agree to government housing for gov/teachers on oddstad. When a government picks and chooses who gets to do what , then , you know. Right?

Anonymous said...


They aren't that warm to the housing on Oddstad school. They will start to scream traffic, and nice project bad location soon.

Anonymous said...

Frank Vella's complaint about Sue Digre made the DA yawn. Sue has been cleared again.

Pacifica Realtors are losing market share every year, and this will loose them some more.

Anonymous said...

It takes less time to do a thing right, than it does to explain why you did it wrong. ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow