Friday, May 12, 2017

Pacifica Tribune: Two more weeks, DA says on Digre


San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe will need another two weeks to determine whether to open a formal investigation on possible perjury and conflict of interest charges against Pacifica City Council Member Sue Digre.

“We have spoken to all the potential witnesses,” he said. Now he wants to make sure Digre is offered a full opportunity to speak with the investigator. While he originally estimated taking two weeks to look into the matter, that time has expired. It shouldn’t take more than a couple more weeks, he said.

The issue came to light after a whistleblower sent a letter to the city alleging that Ms. Digre does not live at her declared address. Instead, she is said to have lived for a time at Pacific Skies Estates, a mobile home park in which the residents there would have benefited from a rent control ordinance recently before the City Council. Digre voted for the rent control ordinance.


Posted by Steve Sinai

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Anonymous said...

Wow a rogue realtor sent in the complaint and the DA said no crime.

The Yessies have failed yet again