Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Rent Control update

Last night — Monday, May 8 — a large number of rent control advocates from all throughout the Bay Area attended the Pacifica City Council meeting to encourage the council to vote for rent control.

Two votes were cast on rent control last night:
The first vote was to put a comprehensive Rent Control, “Just Cause” Eviction, and Mandatory Relocation Payments ordinance, nearly identical to those run last year in San Mateo, Burlingame and Mountain View, on the November ballot. The 4–1 vote to place the measure on the ballot PASSED and was supported by Mayor Mike O’Neill, Mayor Pro Tem John Keener and Councilmembers Sue Digre and Dierdre Martin. The only Councilmember opposing was Sue Vaterlaus.

The second vote was on an Emergency, Retroactive Rent Control Moratorium that would have gone into effect immediately. Fortunately, the measure failed to get the 4 votes needed for an “urgency” measure. Mayor Mike O’Neill and Councilmember Sue Vaterlaus opposed the onerous measure.

TWO Rent Control measures have now passed the Pacifica City Council. The first was a moratorium that was placed directly into law and is facing a pending referendum. The second was a comprehensive ordinance put on the November ballot by the City Council last night.

Gina Zari
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