Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Tribute to John Curtis, the good 'ol days

For those who may not know the extent and history of NIMBISM (the art of blocking development and progress) in this City.

Pacifica Tribune/Special/Peter Loeb, 2/16/17. "Life Tributes:  John Curtis."

Image result for John Curtis, Pacifica, CA picture
John Curtis NIMBY hero, d. 12/2/16.


"John Curtis passed away December 2, 2016, at age 70. ... involved in Pacifica politics and environmental causes for more than 40 years.

... 1973...  member... which defeated a referendum on the 805-condominium project... on Cattle Hill at the end of Fassler Avenue.  .... late 1970s... member of...  group that defeated a plan to extend Highway 380 to the coast.  .... 1977... heading off a 258-acre redevelopment plan at Mori Point, Rockaway Beach and the Quarry...  ....  in the ‘80s John was a member of Friends of Pacifica which opposed the development of Mori Point.... 

... 2004 ... helped defeat Measure E which would have allowed 315 units of housing in the Quarry.  ... 2006 John worked to defeat Measure L which would have allowed 355 housing units in the Quarry.  ... 2007, John was presented with the Open Space Preservation Award, given by the Open Space Committee. ..."  Read more.

Related. From Pacifica Quarry/John Curtis at City Council, 10/9/2006, YouTube, 1:34 minutes.  Note the photograph image is from the YouTube link.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...


Why do you say? John Curtis, good old days. He decimated Pacifica.

Kathy Meeh (try picture titled "Nimby hero") said...

637, "For those who may not know the extent and history of NIMBISM (the art of blocking development and progress) in this City."
Was this second title line unclear, obscure, undefined?
Then if so, the Life Tribute (article history) speaks for itself.

PS: And when you submit an article under your real name, you may title your own article.

Anonymous said...

Well it's not good manners to talk bad about the Dead.

But he did nothing good or nothing to actually Fix Pacifica, Therefore I don't think he is worthy of a mention on this site.

Kathy Meeh (So much productivity lost!) said...

Yeah, tracing the history of "NO" in this City is "not worthy", but it exists.
The John Curtis Life Tribute is all about NO, think you may have avoided reading the article. Summary:
1973, defeated 805 condominium project, Cattle Hill.
Late 1970s, defeated Highway 380 extension to the Coast.
1977 opposed and headed-off Mori Point redevelopment, 258 acres.
2004 defeated Quarry mixed use project, including 315 housing.
2006 defeated Quarry mixed use project, including 355 housing.
2007 Curtis presented the Open Space Preservation Award by the Open Space Committee.

10 years later, continuing the tradition of "NO" in this City: Illegitimate Councilmember Martin's attempt to kill Highway 1 widening.

And so goes the land and the City infrastructure, most of which this City may or will never recover.
Others may want to know or be reminded of their local NIMBY history, the core reason this City is destine to a marginal future.
Want City survival? City Council majority rules, vote for progress candidates only, the alternative is NO.

wake up Pacifica said...

The late EMPEROR NOBY, John Curtis, led the charge to villainize realtors, developers and investors in order to prevent the construction of 1,475 housing units. All the while, he always made sure to house himself by mooching off of various little old ladies around town.
Today, his faux-enviro cult followers call this a great victory and in his memory further the damage he did to our fair city by preaching the same selfish and hypocritical propaganda. Their newest twist was to steal an election to create an illegitimate 3-2 council majority and force rent control in order to cover up their strangulation of supply, which is the real cause of our housing crisis. Their compassion for the under-housed in Pacifica is as phony as their faux-environmentalism. These lying cowards employ the same tactics as their hero, John Curtis, and shift the blame and burden onto small local mom and pop landlords whose only crime was to bust their asses to buy a small multiple dwelling building to help secure a modest retirement. If these NOBY's were truly as compassionate and caring as they pretend to be, they would be working to BUILD affordable housing and proposing a fractional sales tax increase so that EVERYONE (including themselves) can share the burden of helping some of these unfortunate families.
But that would be just too practical, too fair and too honest and it would require far too much effort. It's so much easier to create a villain and heap the blame and the burden on them.
These evil NOBY's, spawned by John Curtis, don't care about anybody but themselves. Their sole agenda is to forward their mantra, "I've got mine, screw everybody else".

Anonymous said...

Want City survival? City Council majority rules, vote for progress candidates only, the alternative is NO.

There are no progress candidates.

The City Council doesn't promote development or promote projects they just vote for them. City Council has all their work done by city staff. If Pacifica had a strong mayor things may get done but I doubt it.

Nothing will change the gang of no has a firm foothold in Pacifica. Just like ISIS.

Kathy Meeh (your vote matters) said...

633, that's a pile of confusion from you. Perhaps someone else will explain election consequences to you.

Anonymous said...

6:33 brings up a fascinating concept, the "Strong Mayor" form....which Jerry Brown brought to Oakland not so long ago.

Anonymous said...

Bless John Curtis, He was not a nice person, but he had the right intentions.

The Ghost of Maxine Gonsalves said...

My "special", Memorial Day remembrance of John Curtis would have to be the time he verbally attacked City Councilmember Maxine Gonsalves as she was leaving Council Chambers after a Monday session. I believe the Quarry or the old sewer plant was on the agenda that night. I remember him yelling at her and with frothing at the mouth venom, calling her "A PIG!". Real class. Maxine returned volley with nothing but a smile. Several months later, after Maxine passed away from brain cancer, there was John Curtis, now living in her home as Maxine's dementia ridden husband somehow succumbed to Curtis' violin accompanied pleas to save him from homelessness and abject poverty. Fact.

Anonymous said...


John Curtis was a parasite who lived off the tax payers. Every Big Mac and McDonalds meal was paid for by the working class. His housing paid by taxpayers. The ultimate deadbeat, praised as the fearless leader of the Gang Of No. I remember Julie Lancelle saying over and over, John Curtis is going to be here tonight. The guy took money from Skyfield USA to approve the Nick's makeover that never happened.

Then he lived in another persons house in Pedro Point never paid any rent then wouldn't leave when kindly asked.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget his arrest for shoplifting at the Pak N Save on Gellert.

Anonymous said...


The gang of no says that doesn't count because it was from outside Pacifica.

Anonymous said...

Geez, we have had some real winners involved in the politics of this town!

CWR said...

I'm all for preserving this coastal city. I don't know why all these Liberals,City Council,Planning Commission whom anonymously on this site get all over anyone that doesn't want to see a 3 rd lane on Hwy 1 that will be a half mile long or build overpriced condo's in the former quarry. Where's the outrage about Kimco Company driving out all the businesses that were in the Linda Mar Shopping Center? There's too much contradictions between the present city council members. We sure could use Vi Gotelli (RIP) on the board right now. Pacifica is still probably one of the only Suburbs that hasn't been taken over by outsiders as much as the rest of the Peninsula.

Anonymous said...


Our leader at city hall can't even enforce the deadbeat surfers parking in Pedro Point Shopping Center to avoid a couple bucks at the beach parking lots. Mary Ann's excuse for everything is, we spent so much staff time trying to find a solution.

Simple put warning notice on cars for a month, then cite for a month, then start towing cars out of the lot.

Anonymous said...

Pedro Point shopping lot is private so the city can't do squat there

Anonymous said...


Your deeply mistaken. If the property owner calls the police will order a car towed from Private Property.

Anonymous said...

But that's not the city doing it, so not deeply mistaken after all!

Captain Duh said...

2:05/1:45 must have dropped out of Terra Nova.

Please tell us all what the city is supposed to "enforce" at Pedro Point? Didn't you just see yourself type that it's private property and towing is 100% up to the owner?

Sorry about your head injury.

Anonymous said...


Is a deadbeat pot smoking surfer.

Informed Insider on Pedro Point Parking said...

Police will enforce violations of handicapped parking or fire lane parking, but will not enforce those who park, surf and smoke dope. Several of the businesses there are working on their own to design strong signage to discourage non-customers from parking there. The merchants will selectively monitor who is parking there, and then have surfing parkers towed away, notifying the police department who was towed, and where the surfers/stoners can retrieve their cars. It is a risky business, as the surfing/420 parkers can buy snacks at the grocery store or restaurants, hold their receipts, and then make the merchants pay for the towing.

There are two owners of the parking area. If I were them, I would get together and put in a toll gate, and have the merchants validate the parking with purchases over $5 or $10, and charge as much or more as the City lots a few yards away. But I'm not Pedro Point's owners and just playing an informed insider on the Pedro Point Parking Problem for the sake of arguing with other anonymous posters here in this thread on Fix Pacifica. Like many smart Pedro Pointers, I avoid going to that center when I know I cannot find a parking space, or walk, bike, or take Uber. I go when I know parking is easy.

This is an over-rated problem. The merchants complain when the parking lots are full and cite that their business goes down. On a weekly basis, such incidences are few and far between. We are talking chump change lost by the merchants in reality. Stoners get hungry and want to eat at the restaurants, or buy snacks at the grocery store. This results in more income for the center's tenants, including the head shop.

Mayor McCheese said...


First the merchants have to hire security to monitor who parks in their lot and walks over to the beach. My idea was simple. Too bad Mary Ann, always let her huge ego get in the way. She would never agree with anyone else's ideas. She wanted full credit and her stamp of approval on everything that happened at City Hall. Sounds like Vreeland clone, Oh Wait!, Mary Ann was Vreelands first campaign manager.

I say have security put notices on cars, and give a warning for a month. Then Cite for a month then tow. If you ever drive down Highway 1 beach parking is allowed from 7am to 7 pm. At 7 pm a couple sheriffs deputies cite every car. That is the reason why we need the sheriff to take over our Police Department. The Sheriffs Office has the resources to fix these problems. The Pacifica Police Department either doesn't have the resources or doesn't give a shit.

Every weekday the lot is full by 11 am. I tried to go to Devil Slide Brew Pub last week and the lot was full. I had to park across the street by Ace Hardware.

Why can't the owners of the shopping center try to lease the Caltrans pad/lot in front and use it for overflow parking?

I should be Mayor of this RagDump Town!!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how much the city is actually losing with the paid parking scheme at LMB? There isn't anyone out there who thinks this thing actually turns a profit (or brakes even), is there? I mean, what have we actually achieved here?

Steve Sinai said...

"Every weekday the lot is full by 11 am. I tried to go to Devil Slide Brew Pub last week and the lot was full. I had to park across the street by Ace Hardware."

That's bull. Do you live in Texas or something?

I don't remember ever seeing the Pedro Point parking lot full on a weekday. If it's a nice day, I have seen the lot full on weekends, though.

Anonymous said...

10:00 - the city reported a Beach Parking Fund loss of $1,850 for FY 2016.

Anonymous said...

My bad, 10:00... I ate one too many sliders at the Tap Room!

The city actually MADE $1,850 on Beach Parking in 2016 after all revenue/expenses are accounted for.

Anonymous said...


Parking lot is full every weekday. See for yourself. From 11 am to 4 is the worst.

Pedro Point Business Owner said...


As a Pedro Point Business Owner you are completely 100% mistaken. Not only do the beach visitors take up parking and take away business(if you can't park at Pedro Point) you'll go across Highway 1 to Linda Mar to shop or eat.

The parking has been a complete and utter mess, since the city started their pay for parking at the beach.

Maybe you should come down for yourself instead of making blind comments.

I believe you live on the other side your probably not even in Pedro Point that much.

What does Texas have to do with Pedro Point Shopping Center?

Steve Sinai said...

10:12, you are incorrect. I go to the grocery store at Pedro Point 2 or 3 times a week during the afternoon, and the lot is never full on a weekday.

I believe you are the habitual liar who moved to Texas years ago because you couldn't make it here. All you know about Pacifica is what you're reading on the various blogs. Honestly, what are the chances that someone who is actually a Pedro Point business owner is responding to me?

Anonymous said...

I attempted to park yesterday (Wed.) at PP around 1PM and I had to wait for someone to leave before being able to park. You remind me of the people who claim that Highway 1 is never backed up so why should we widen it? I always try to remind myself of that reassuring "fact" during commute as I am sitting in the parking lot known as Highway 1.

Pedro Point Business Owner said...


I know nothing about your petty feuds. The parking lot is 3/4's to totally full during the week. From 11:00 to 4:00 seems to be the peak of the beach visitors.

On weekends it's even worse.

How can you doubt a business owner?

Steve Sinai said...

8:35, Why don't you tell us which business you run at Pedro Point?

Anonymous said...

Steve- This little game you're playing telling people to post using their names or asking for the name of their business is getting old. Why don't you simply change your rules and disallow anonymous comments instead of attacking people who are simply obeying your rules?

Steve Sinai said...

6:59 - You don't have to give your name or identify the business you claim to run at Pedro Point. But if you don't, given that what I've seen at Pedro Point directly contradicts what you're saying, it makes more sense to believe you're making things up. That you refuse to put your name behind your statement confirms my belief. It's easy to lie when you do it anonymously.

Pedro Point Business Owner said...


Lot totally full all day Friday from 10:00 am until closing time. Today Saturday lot full from 9:00 am. Also the Crespi Druve area around the Post Office packed with surfers and beach goers avoiding the daily parking fee.

Steve Sinai said...

Stop lying, Tex. Seek therapy.

Sharon said...

Was the beach parking lot full? It usually is when I go by on any nice weekend, in addition to every other possible close lot.

Elliot said...

The beach parking lot at Linda Mar Beach was full, same with the smaller lot on Crespi. People were using most of the senior center parking behind the building.

The Caltrans Park n Ride lot is empty on weekends. Why can't City Hall try to work something out with Caltrans. I'll tell you why, no one at City Hall gives two shits anymore.

Anonymous said...

Correction: O'Neill and Vauterlaus care about the whole city.
Colonel Keener, Dragon Lady Martian and Court Jester Digree only care about their NOBY puppet masters. "They've got theirs, screw every body else."

Anonymous said...

Can we please get back to remembering John Curtis and stop all of this other unrelated nonsense? One of my favorites was the time Curtis used his allotted time during open communications while he was seated on City Council to demand that everyone in town boycott the now defunct ribs place on Palmetto. That was because the owner exercised his Constitutional right and openly opposed Curtis on something he was pushing/promoting as a Council member. Wait...What? That was Pete DeJarnatt!?! Sorry. I always get the two confused.

Anonymous said...

Oh, c'mon 5:24, you can't leave us hanging like this. Give us the deets! What did the rib joint guy say?

Steve Sinai said...

When was there a ribs place on Palmetto?

Elliot said...

There was a BBQ rib place by 7-11. Where Perfect Pour coffee shop is now.