Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Homeless in San Mateo County, a limited future

The Daily Journal (San Mateo County, Samantha Weigel), 5/22/17. "Homeless rate drops while some turn to their vehicles for shelter."

.... ... "On that January night, 637 people were unsheltered. About 20 percent or 127 people slept on the streets, another 95 people were in tents or encampments, 218 people were living in RVs, and 197 individuals stayed in cars. Another 616 homeless individuals stayed in emergency shelters or transitional housing, according to the report. The 1,253 homeless people accounted for 902 households, and the number of unsheltered families decreased 48 percent from 35 in 2015 to 19 this year, according to the report.

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Can't we do better than this?
San Mateo County says YES!

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Help is on the way...
in the near future we hope.
Based on geography, Pacifica had the most unsheltered homeless in the county with 112 people counted, marking a 78 percent increase from 2015. East Palo Alto followed with 98 homeless individuals for a 3 percent increase. Redwood City came in third with 94 unsheltered people, but which was a 58 percent decrease from 2015 when 223 people were counted, according to the report.
Some of the largest rises include San Bruno, where 26 homeless individuals accounted for a 225 percent increase from 2015, although data has varied widely over the years. Burlingame had a 200 percent increase with 21 people counted, the highest since the 2009 survey. The city of San Mateo had 48 people living without shelter, a 41 percent reduction, according to the survey.
Staff will continue to compile the information before releasing a more comprehensive report in June. Ultimately, the information will steer future programming decisions.
Resolving homelessness. Following the 2015 survey, the Human Services Agency agency reworked its Strategic Plan to End Homelessness by 2020. Published last year, a cornerstone of the update included the Coordinated Entry System — a multi-disciplinary effort to guide those facing homelessness toward stability, said Human Services Agency spokeswoman Effie Verducci.“Our vision is that homelessness in San Mateo County by 2020 will be a rare, brief and non-reoccurring state,” Verducci said. “We really want it to be a meaningful path through the system and that they come out of it on the other side equipped with tools to not return into the system.”   Read article.


Related, San Mateo County homeless trend.   Pacfica Tribune/Bay Area News Group/Jane Northrop, 1/27/15, update 8/12/16, "Volunteers seek homeless in Pacifica." "The final report is typically published in May. In 2013, there were 2,281 homeless people living in San Mateo County, up slightly from 2,149 in 2011 and increased significantly since 2009, when the county found 1,796 without shelter. In 2013, the greatest increase seen was among people living in cars (83 percent) and recreational vehicles (59 percent).  There was also good news in 2013. The number of people observed living on the street dropped 24 percent from 2011 to 2013, thanks largely to outreach teams connecting street homeless to services, and an increase in funding to re-house more of those in shelters."   The Daily Journal, San Mateo County/Brendan Bartholomew,6/24/13,"Homeless numbers way up in Pacifica." "The Department of Housing and Urban Development requires communities to count their homeless populations every two years. Most homeless counts around the country increased from 2007 to 2009, and peaked in 2011, Katz said. For the 2013 count, she said homeless numbers fell in most places, but not in Pacifica."    Related, organization always doing their part to help low-income, and homeless people in this City, Pacifica Resource Center.     Note photographs.  Homeless camp by Ann Cooney from the related Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop 8/12/16 article above, slide 2 of 4.  Help from Pacifica Patch/Renee Schiavone, 3/24/15, "'Sharp Decline' Reported in unsheltered homeless in San Mateo County."


Posted by Kathy Meeh


Disgusted Dave said...

Thanks those of you who have blocked building at every opportunity. It has consequences.

Rockaway Sue said...

move them into vallemar and rockaway and pedro point. bet the rent controllers will welcome them into their houses. or police will be called and they will be driven back to the peasant neighborhoods

Joe Lewis said...

Pacifica is number 1 at something besides:


Anonymous said...

Those of you who have blocked rent control, what have you to say now?

Anonymous said...

The Rogue Realtors who went after Sue Digre will continue to lose market share. Many listings are going to out of town real estate company's.

The Rogue Realtors and their flim flam men they send to city council will be crying in their beer once again

Steve Sinai said...

Build more housing. NIMBYS need to look in the mirror if they're looking for people to blame.

Anonymous said...


Build more housing where?

The "gang of no" keep saying no to the Quarry

The "gang of no" keep saying no to Pedro Point.

Tell me where all these house should be built?

More housing will start at $1,000,000 on up. That solves nothing.

Steve Sinai said...

The NIMBYS need to stop saying "no" to everything that gets proposed for the quarry. They also need to stop filing appeals and lawsuits every time someone wants to build a new house in town.

Anonymous said...

More than 2/3 of the voters said no to 200+ apartments in the quarry. That means a super majority of Pacifica voters are NIMBYs.

Anonymous said...

The last quarry development proposal offered hundreds of apartment units, but there's always a million reasons to say NO to anything in this town. 1:14 is a perfect example of someone offering up one of those millions of reasons why they won't even try to make things happen and will just oppose everything.

Anonymous said...

When supply is low and demand is high, prices go up.

So naturally the NIMBIES opposed increasing the supply by building more low cost units on Oddstad, opposed apartments in the quarry, opposed apartments at the fish and bowl, opposed high-density at Harmony, opposed senior housing at Park Mall, etc etc etc etc.

This city gets a ton of money from the TOT applied to every hotel room.

So naturally the NIMBIES filed an appeal on expansion of the Holiday Inn and John Keener voted no on a new hotel for Beach Blvd.

This is NIMBY mind set, folks.

Anonymous said...

The Rogue Realtors who went after Sue Digre will continue to lose market share. Many listings are going to out of town real estate company's

"It's time to sell our house so let's make sure our realtor isn't local and didn't go after Sue Digre," said no one ever.

Rockaway Sue's Former Lover said...

Much more cost effective to buy all the homeless memberships to the local 24 Hour Fitness facility and they will all have a place to sleep, shower and shit. Problem solved.

Larry said...

"The Rogue Realtors who went after Sue Digre will continue to lose market share. Many listings are going to out of town real estate company's.

The Rogue Realtors and their flim flam men they send to city council will be crying in their beer once again"

Now what the hell does this have to do with homelessness?! Are you on acid or something. The Hal Bohner's and Dinah Verby's of Pacifica (let's not forget Mr. Loeb) have systematically blocked anything from happening in this town. People like to point to Harmony One as some kind of example of evil developers. Don't you think they would have rather built 50 one million dollar homes instead of 10 five million dollar ones! They'd all be sold by now and generating property tax revenues to this city. Thank Nancy Hall and her faux enviros for that one. So many examples of why we have a housing shortage in this town. History is what it is not what someone thinks it should be. After over 40 years in this town I've watched these nobies hobble any effort to bring smart development to town. Blame lies with them for our dilapidated city and our social ills.

Anonymous said...

Nancy Hall was playing developer and consultant on the Whole Energy fiasco. When the original developers of Harmony @ 1 wanted to build Vreeland told them to go talk to Nancy Hall first.

Anonymous said...


Quit sniveling and drive around Pacifica. The vast majority of listings are going to out of town Realtors.

Captain Duh said...

Yeah, we get it 6:49, you've repeated yourself a dozen times. No one cares. Enjoy driving around Pacifica and keeping tabs on the names of realtors on your post-its or whatever you use. Glad you're staying on top of this cuz I suppose it was either doing this or increasing your lithium dosage.

Anonymous said...

I don't see why the local NOBY's would need to use realtors anyway (local OR out of town) to sell their homes. Unless of course they're complete lying hypocrites.
They constantly brag about how much they care about the under-housed in our town.
They constantly malign anyone in the business of real estate, including small local mom and pop building owners.
Surly they will reject the dramatic profits that the fair market has brought to them and sell their homes at least 50% below market.
And of course they will continue to block any construction of any housing, affordable or not, because "They've got theirs, screw everybody else".
I think The Dragon Lady should donate her investment real estate to a needy family to set an example for all of us to follow.

Anonymous said...

Harmony One is a result of the Nobies alright. They changed the density of that property from high density (apartments) to 10 single family homes. Seems like they did this to bankrupt any developer who wanted to move forward and come to them to "help" them build the properties that are not selling that they have now. The Nobies (Nancy Hall, Julie Lancell, Peter Loeb) planned to draw the developer out and bankrupt them so that no building would take place. Great Job!!!! Thank you again Nobies! What more damage can you do to our city. Remember the project on Fassler by a local developer. He also fell into their trap and tried to work with the Nobies, he went bankrupt on that project by "working" with them. Now what do we have? Thank you again Nobies for your insight of what is best for Pacifica. If you just said I have my house and i like it like that and want no building, you would have much more respect than the underhanded dirty plans that you've been doing for 40 plus years.

Anonymous said...


Real estate agents and their flim flam men they use as pigeons only care about Commissions. They couldn't give two shits about the homeless. The homeless don't put any money in their pockets.

Have another beer!

Sharon said...

@9:56 What have you done for the homeless lately?

Anonymous said...

Interesting, no comments on 8:48. Or to the fact that neither Sue digre has still not made any comments on her residency status during her tenancy at Pacific Sky's or Diedre Martins lack of comments of pressuring Mary Ann out of the election.

Talk about your good deeds instead of criticizing others! oh, you don't have any!

Anonymous said...


Sharon, Are you a realtor?

Anonymous said...


How many of the local "Gang of No" have moved away. Not a single one!

Getting rid of them is like getting rid of cockroaches.

Sharon said...

No, you keep asking that when I post. I am not a realtor.

Anonymous said...

Because Sharon, if your a Realtor you are automatically a bad person who just wants development, doesn't care about anybody, and for what ever reason you are a group that we are suppose to hate. might as well be a Republican!

Anonymous said...


I didn't see your post when you mentioned you were not a realtor. There is a Sharon who posts on Nextdoor and the posts sound the same.

Sharon said...

I am not a realtor or on next door. Just a tax paying private citizen of Pacifica