Friday, November 28, 2014

NIMBY buys a holiday gift

Its Black Friday everywhere but Pacifica.  NIMBIES go shopping and it may even be tax deductible.  They don't do much to help the economy of this city through.   Audubon gift catalog.
Snowy Plover chick replica
Genuine symbolic certificate with stuffed toy

"Your gift recipient will receive:
Snowy Plover
Compare to:  I'm real, I'm wild and I'm cute
  • Lifelike plush Snowy Plover that plays a recording of its song when squeezed
  • Personalized Adoption certificate and letter from Audubon CEO, David Yarnold
  • Full year of the award-winning Audubon magazine
  • Local chapter membership." 
    Adopt Now - $35. 

    Bird adoptions through this catalog are symbolic. Funds will be directed to Audubon's mission to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds and their habitats for the benefit of humanity and the earth's biological diversity. Your gift is tax deductible as allowed by law." 
    Note the article text above, certificate and Snowy Plover stuffed toy are from the Audubon gift catalog (linked above).  The photograph by Paul Wellman of snowy Plover chick is from the Santa Barbara Independent newspaper file. 

    Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

umm Kathy was this sarcasm?

Why help these people?

Kathy Meeh said...

137, thanks. Confusing huh? Wondered about that. Just added some extra wording, see if that works.

Anonymous said...

When are you crybabies going to suck it up and move forward with your lives?

Anonymous said...

Go suck up a plover or two!

Kathy Meeh said...

204, how about never? But, who is speaking crybaby 204? Do you really think Fix Pacifica blog should post articles promoting the same 'ol don't fix Pacifica theme. Haven't we been there for about 30 years? The economics don't work, and 99% of you have run out of phony and fake "alternatives". Beyond any reasonable assessment, its time to move on without you, our lives are affected daily.

What significant economic development in this city will you support?

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why you're so unhappy Kathy. Your side won the election, right? I've heard of bad losers but bad winners? You should be happy!

Anonymous said...

Where was this cute little plush toy manufactured?
Peoples Republic of China?
No big deal human rights don't matter any more.

Kathy Meeh said...

Twisted 353, guess that's another way of you saying you don't support a balanced city economy? Isn't that correct Ian?

The big losers of in this artificial race to bottom city economics and faltering city infrastructure are the people of this city.

Anonymous said...

Lotsa bitching and moaning on this site, but no action. Quit complaining and get out there and DO something! Posting on a blog doesn't count for squat.

353 said...

Actually Kathy, I'm not Ian. And I absolutely support a balanced economy and fixing PCH. But again you go and put words in people's mouths. You do that a lot - if someone disagrees with you about one thing then clearly they are against a balanced city economy, against fixing highway 1, are nimbies etc etc. It's like you demand 100% adherence to all your viewpoints, and the slightest deviation is to be met with disparagement. I'm beginning to realize that you honestly think you're always, absolutely always right. If you really believe you're the smartest person in the room then you owe it to all of us to run in the next election.

Kathy Meeh said...

Actually 353, if you want identity, you'll have to identify yourself. Otherwise, as they say, quacks like a duck.

You "absolutely support a balanced economy", but your 353 comments do not support that assessment. Implied candidates you support favor NO highway 1 widening improvement, and NO significant economic development. Walks like like a duck.

Further deflection. The issue is not about me, its about your comments which are clearly not honest, including your round two, at 652. And PHC, What is it, animal, mineral or vegetable?

Your assumption that the smartest people run for city council is proven by the fact that Sue Digre received the most votes? Got it.

BTW, my views are within a broad range of others who are interested in fixing Pacifica. Its about Fixing Pacifica (solutions), that's the core long delayed issue. And your views?

Anonymous said...

She just doesn't get it... she never will.

Kathy Meeh said...

1116, apparently I got YOU, perfectly!

526, its a blog. Articles and commentary are the action. "Quit complaining", and consider contributing articles and comments under your own name. "DO something", "no guts no glory"! (See Item 3 for that background).

31st Blogger Battalion said...

"Articles and commentary are the action."

LOL. Sure. You're a foot soldier on the front lines doing all the heavy lifting in town.

Cut. Paste. Aaaaand hit "enter." Go get um!

Anonymous said...

This post and the comments are disturbing. Picking on a well respected nonprofit organization that was founded over 100 years ago and against small birds that are endangered. How low can you go?

Fix Pacifica says: Yes, buy more plastic junk and materialistic things! Trash wildlife! Leave your legacy in the landfill versus supporting the planet and all it's inhabitants.

Thankfully more and more people realize that selling/buying cheap goods (see other FixPacifica thread with support for Walmart) isn't the way to economic sustainability.

Kathy Meeh said...

1220, there you go. Posting articles which often carry some meaning is so easy and brainless even a you could do it. But you don't, you're MIA.

Continuing with your analogy, in the wandering back line of foot soldiers you may be lost, deficient or paranoid. And with identity, someone may discover you're really just a tool of the opposition.

Anonymous said...

Can you eat snowy plovers? If not they are a useless bird.

Anonymous said...

Only in Pacifica, the snowy plover gets more attention than:

Firemen=3 years no contract
Police=sheriff's office to take over
Roads=dilapidated mess
Over passes=crumbling
Sea walls& retaining walls crumbling
Pacifica Pier=crumbling
City Finances=4 million unaccounted
Trails=zero revenue
Fine Dining=taco bell

Kathy Meeh said...

1225, your comment is unsubstantiated and nuts!

Re: the above article. Audubon and the plover stuffed toy are neutral, whereas the continuing focus is local eco-terrorism against highway 1 and the economy this city.

We are people, we live here, this is our city too, which needs to be functional and sane. We are also "inhabitants of this planet" (your commentary), support us (yourself included)!

Oh, and show us where "Fix Pacifica says: Yes, buy more plastic junk and materialistic things! Trash wildlife!" TOTAL NONSENSE. And the support for Walmart comment from another Anonymous? Closer than Costco for some of you.