Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Day, thankful for all we have

Huffpost healthy living/the blog/Jamire Lauren Zimmerman, MD, Physician/writer. "8 reasons to love  gratitude."

"....  Gratitude has been celebrated in essentially every culture and religion -- from Christianity and Judaism to Islam and Native American traditions. As positive psychologist Shawn Achor points out in his amazing TED talk, practicing gratitude helps us notice and appreciate the good in our lives. We all know that giving and receiving appreciation can feel good. Now, science confirms there are real physical and emotional benefits to cultivating this quality -- on Turkey Day and year round.

Dr. Zimmerman's gratitude list includes: 1) It can make you happier, 2) It can reduce blood pressure, 3) It makes hearts healthier, 4) It's associated with better sleep, 5) It helps people exercise more, 6) It helps make vets more resilient, 7) It can help your relationship, 8) Even a little bit helps."  Read article.

Related - Fox News/Calia Cofield, 11/27/14.  "Thanksgiving in zero-g:  Space station astronauts enjoy 'traditional' dishes."  "Like most Americans back on the ground, astronauts aboard the International Space Station will celebrate Thanksgiving with a feast: NASA food scientists have created zero-g versions of classic Thanksgiving dishes for this week's celebration."

Note photograph/graphics - Thankful from Stockpiling Moms, pie from Gracious Rain. 

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