Friday, November 14, 2014

Planning Commission meeting, Monday November 17, 2014

Attend in person, 2212 Beach Boulevard, 2nd floor.  Or, view on local television or live feed Pacificcoast.TV, (formerly  If you miss civic meetings, view on PCT 26 You Tube!  The planning commission meeting begins at 7 p.m., or shortly there following.  Planning Commission updates, archives are available on the City website.

4096 Fassler Avenue, Pacifica.
  Not part of Harmony@1 lot subdivision.
Planning Commission Agenda/Staff Reports, 11/17/14, pdf pages 20.

Public hearing:  Use Permit, UP-978, and Site Development Permit, PSD-763-07 amendment.

Redesign of previously approved construction of a single-family residence, vacant lot , 4096 Fassler Avenue, (APN 022-150-030).  Originally part of Harmony@ 1 subdivision (14 lot subdivision housing, approved by Planning and City Council, October/November, 2007).  East Rockaway Beach 2-acre parcel location is south of Fassler Avenue east of Roberts Road, north end.

 4 bedrooms, 4 bathroom house, 2,745 square feet; and 728 square feet two car garage.  Proposed changes, computer page 5, report page 4.

References -  Fix Pacifica reprint, Planning Commission meeting 11/4/13, APN 022-150-030 permit extension 12/3/14.  City of Pacifica Planning Commission.
RelatedCity of Pacifica/Harmony@1 project documents.   Loopnet, brief comment about the Harmony@1 project, (Cushman and Wakefield, Inc.).

Note:  photograph 1 of 5 from, (website notation, $640,000 lot last sold 1/25/2006).

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Haha the hippies are going to go nuts. Your tearing up the hills above Fassler and Robert road. Too many houses!

Tom Clifford said...

I don"t know about the hippies(name calling?) but I am happy to see the projects on Fassler getting started. I will be making sure all the conditions of approval are met, not to hinder the development but to have it be a world class project. (the condition are what make this project special)
This project could be a game change for Pacifica. The impact of eleven $4 Million dollar homes should not be underestimate.

Anonymous said...

Yup. Helpful Hippie on the "How Come No One Ever Told Me" thread also eagerly awaits the rich.

todd bray said...

The contractor for Harmony 1 hit a water main yesterday causing all the tap water in East and West Rockaway to turn a murky brown. THANK YOU HARMONY.

todd bray said...

The contractor for Harmony 1 hit a water main and has fowled all water fed from the storage tank above the project into the East and West Rockaway area. This was confirmed by two members of the North Coast County Water District NCCWD Board. The contractor has cause the tap water to be a murky brown color. However, according to the NNCWD board members no contaminates were recorded in the brown water. The water should be clean once again by this afternoon at the latest. THANK YOU HARMONY 1. Tait, you SUCK.

as a gesture of goodwill the Harmony @ 1 development team should pay our (Rockaway area) water bills for a day.

Dan Murray said...

I was surprised to see all the grading that is being done above Roberts Road for what I assume is just the first house to be constructed. I had thought that access to Harmony would be from the driveway near Fassler & Roberts Road with minimal disruption to the hillside; evidently not.

Inconvenient about the water main issue, how did that happen? Either the water lines were not clearly marked or the contractor failed to ensure that they were marked (1-800-USA?).

Not aware of any requirement by City to hire local workers on this project. If not,that would certainly be a missed opportunity to not provide sorely needed jobs to Pacificans. Locals might not be able to afford any of these homes, but at least could make a few dollars building them; dollars that could be pumped back into the local economy. Did we miss the boat once again?

Anonymous said...


Tait has nothing to do with the development. It is Sonora Shores a Canadian Company.

When you just blow hot air and don't come in with stone cold lead pipe facts, you lose all credibility.

Regardless of the chronic smoke Tait blew on you, he has nothing to do with it.

todd bray said...

Well, the one time Fix had a chance to report on something development related in our town and Fix blew it because it would have shown the contractor is using non union unqualified people. Yeah, those 4 million dollar homes will be built like condo's. Hehehe, Tait can't win for losing.

Ha, at least the NCCWD is well aware of what happened.

Pillar of the Community said...

Former Planning Commissioner Thomas Clifford says there are special conditions of approval on this project. Yes, I wonder about the labor too. I understand many bay area projects will import workers from Oklahoma, Kansas, etc, house them in motels 4 to a room, and pay them 10 dollars an hour. It would be nice if local contractors, like Thomas Clifford could work on these uniquely Pacifica homes. Perhaps Thomas could chime in on "labor harmony" @ Harmony @ 1.

Tom Clifford said...

There are no conditions that cover labor or the use of local contractors. If any had been considered I would have had to recluse myself since I would have a possible financial interest in seeing the project approved.

I hope the individual owners will use local contractors when building the homes.

Pillar of the Community said...

Thank you former Planning Commissioner Thomas Clifford!
That's too bad, but yet, let's hope.

Anonymous said...


Did you find out who TCE or ICE construction is?

Tom Clifford said...

The General Contractor for the site development portion of Harmony @ 1 is
Centic Construction
License # 822465
229 Ellis St. S. F. Ca. 94101
Phone #415-983-9520

The valuation for this part of the project is $2,888,546.00

Anonymous said...

Tom check out the construction part above Centric

Anonymous said...

156 Isn't it JCE as in JC Engineering? They mention an 11 home Pacifica development on their website.

todd bray said...

The house on the agenda tonight, according to the planning department is not part of Harmony but was approved along side Harmony and is asking for permission to redesign the house to be smaller, as in S-M-A-L-L-E-R

Kathy Meeh said...

Todd 956, thanks for that clarification. I have made some changes on the article. See Agenda Project Summary report, page page 2, Item 1. ...."The project was part of the Harmony@1 fourteen lot subdivision that was also approved by the Planning. However, the 2-acre parcel was not included in the Planned Development would not be subject to its CC&Rs. ..."

Wasn't the Harmony subdivision reduced from 14 to 12 houses, revenue paid to the city in lieu of providing affordable housing; or was there some other reason for this lot and house to be excluded from the development?

Anonymous said...

Then why is Nancy Hall crying?