Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Unfinished campaign business, response to Nathanson

NIMBIES strike against Fixing Pacifica again
The following rebuttal letter was sent to the Pacifica Tribune 10/23/14, with advisement from the Pacifica Tribune it would be published. But it never was published. The letter did not specifically address the smear campaign against Victor Spano, because I had already sent-in the one allowed political campaign letter.  NIMBIES forged several dirty campaign tricks during the campaign. "Don't Fix Pacifica" (referenced below) is one.  The Letter attacked Victor Spano, the Fix Pacifica blog, and me-- but more importantly, NIMBIES attacked city progress again.  Dirty trick tactics are how they win, and that's how they will likely govern.  The title of my Letter below was "Fix Pacifica blog". 

"BJ Nathanson was a very good Planning Commissioner for a whole lot of years. Now it seems she opposes economic development, and free speech.  For those who may not know, Fix Pacifica blog is a mainstream open comment forum with a focus on fixing Pacifica.

The city is long overdue for fixing: not enough strategic economic development, not enough city revenue, a broken down city infrastructure. This is not breaking news, the condition has been worsening over 30 years.  Revenue producing solutions are available, and we must find them.  Some anti-development Pacificans favor abandoning the city altogether (disincorporation), and becoming a further drag on the county.  That is not mainstream thinking, and that is not an advantage to our community which shares services. 

Fix Pacifica blog posts articles (mostly reprints) may be of interest to the community, including some Pacifica Tribune articles.  Learn more, search articles, join the conversation: ."

Reference - Fix Pacifica reprint.  Pacifica Tribune Letters to the Editor, 10/22/14. "Don't Fix Pacifica" by BJ Nathanson.

Note:  Photograph from Prevention/Jeffifer Goldstein "When good hair meets bad weather."

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