Wednesday, May 15, 2013

GGNRA has cooties, signed "Pacifica Open Space"

Who would expect in Pacifica?
Eco-nimbies (refered to in the article as "many local residents") object to city progress in forming a joined committee with GGNRA. As might be expected, "open space" issues are all so much different than other "open space" issues.   

"We are not you", signed Pacifica Open Space
Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, Staff, 5/14/13.  "City Council to revisit Open Space and GGNRA Advisory committees."

City Council declined to form the new committee that would have tied together the GGNRA advisory committee with the Open Space Committee Monday.  The council members heard from many
local residents who objected to the formation of the new committee because they felt it abandoned the mission of the Open Space Committee and Open Space Task Force.

GGNRA has cooties
The council members also agreed to choose another name for the committee, because they agreed with members of the public the name "Natural and Other Areas Advisory Committee" did not adequately describe the 30-year work of the Open Space Committee. The new committee would have provided a structure to work with GGNRA for new land transfers, such as Cattle Hill and Pedro Point Headlands to GGNRA, and would have examined policies about the operation of county parks. After numerous members of the public spoke to urge council to include the work of the Open Space Committee, the council members decided to revisit the formation of this new committee in a way that encompasses the "book" of the Open Space Committee, which takes into account the committee's observations over the last three decades.

City Council also approved a timeline so appointments to all city commissions and committees are spread out throughout the year.  Read article.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

I don't know about cooties, but the gang of no definitely has some friends on council. Ah, politics, and the things it makes people do.
You need a strong stomach to play in that game.

Anonymous said...

What you deem politics, I call democracy. Whiner.

Anonymous said...

Very funny. Wrap it in a flag and you can sell anything.

Anonymous said...

Go back and see who endorsed the current council. The same people who bankrupted the city.

Anonymous said...

It should be "a joint committee", not "a joined committee".

Anonymous said...

This pending "transfer" of the Pedro Point Headlands to the GGNRA has been in the works for perhaps a dozen years or more. Is it that the GGNRA is dragging its feet or is it that members of the Pacific Land Trust are reluctant to relinquish their "stewardship?" I would think that once(and if) the Headlands is transferred to the GNRA, that will bring a quick end to all the volunteer cleaning,clearing, planting, and maintenance that is now done through volunteerism as no doubt, thee is a cadre of GGNRA lawyers who will bring forth all the potential liability arguments.

Anonymous said...

How much badly needed money has transfering all this property to the GGHNR brought into Pacifica?

Hint: Zero!!

Kathy Meeh said...

"Joined vs. joint committee", Anonymous 8:48 AM

Thank you for your grammatical suggestion, but I intended the word "joined" rather than joint. They must join first, prior to assimilating into the joint committee.

Open Space Committee members and past members showed-up at city council 5/13/13 with their "gang of no", and seemed not to be interested in becoming absorbed in a joint committee with GGNRA.

Anonymous said...

Joint committee in Pacifica makes more sense.

With all the pot heads.

Anonymous said...

OMG 849 what will they do if they can't pick up trash and clear brush on Pedro Point headlands? Idle hands, etc. How about a flash-mob sort of clean-up squad at work in Pacifica? No itinerary, spontaneous, in a snazzy military-style vehicle and their mission statement is... See trash? Take it out!
Be of good cheer people because your work isn't done in Pacifica.