Saturday, May 11, 2013

Appreciation for this Pacifica city council

This one for you, the rest for Mom

Pacifica Tribune, Letters to the Editor, 5/7/13.  "Re: Council members" by Michelle Stevenson

"Editor:  Surely the letter writer suggesting that our City Council members do not volunteer must have been referring to another city.

The three council members I know volunteer so much in our community that I wonder how they can hold down demanding jobs, raise families and be on the City Council at the same time. They've volunteered for Pacifica School Volunteers, Pacificans Care, the Pacifica Library Foundation, the Pacifica Education Foundation and PTO's from elementary thru high school. These are just the volunteer activities of which I am aware.

So, I just wanted to thank our hardworking City Council. I will not always agree with you, but I will always appreciate the sacrifices you make to serve our community."

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

"I will always appreciate how you have sacrificed the community."

Kathy Meeh said...

Well, Anon 6:29 PM, what you misquoted may be true of the city council from 2002. Probably not this one. What Michelle Stevenson said in her letter to the editor was: "I will always appreciate the sacrifices you make to serve our community."

More recent city council and city improvements I've noticed include: Annual city council goals (most cities do this, our city had not). This year's FY Budget included: systematic planning for a real city reserve (this has not happened in the past). The non-profit organizations were funded without further begging. General Manager Steve Rhodes also mentioned an incremental program to address backlogged city infrastructure maintenance; and paying down city debt. (City debt has been run up from about year 2000).

Highway 1 widening process is on track (not derailed by a citizen organization). The Beach Boulevard project is being made "shovel ready" for development, (the developed project should produce about $500,000 annual city revenue). The planning commission process for building permits has improved. City council seems to be working more effectively in committee at county level, which may improve consideration for county funding and grants. These are some of the fix Pacifica issues some of us do care about, and FMV the needed focus for city councilmembers.

Anonymous said...

I see this council to be the same as councils past. You know catering to the hippies noobees and nimbys. Raising every fee and tax they can think of.

Wagner said...

i find it tiresome and boring to see comments from anons that lend nothing to the conversation. what kathy had posted is closer to the truth then the flippant remarks by anon 7:14. you lend nothing to the discussion. go away.

Anonymous said...

gee lighten up 714. somebody has to pay the bills and we live here, don't we? what do you expect council to do? they're just regular people. not a miracle worker among them. there's not much more they can cut, no magic pills, and revenue-producing development continues to bypass pacifica. maybe we should try a little positive-thinking?

Anonymous said...

You seem to have all the answers. And you like to whisper in council's ears. Put up or shut up. Run for city council.

Anonymous said...

@7 Are you truly daft? This council can do what needs to be done. The menu of options has become very limited and they know it. Psst...why don't you lighten up? Practice a little positive thinking, or, if you're so distressed by this council, you should run. Dazzle us!

Anonymous said...

I want miracles!