Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Understanding the Basics of County and City Revenues

This document is about five years old, but except for a few figures, it's still worth reading.

Posted by Steve Sinai


Hutch said...

Very informative Matlock

Chris Fogel said...

Yeah, that's a nice, basic overview of city revenue sources. Thanks for posting this.

It would be nice if the League revised it to reflect the State of California's recent accounting shell-games with changes to ERAF withholding, triple-swaps, redevelopment zones, etc.

It all gets insanely complicated, or... rather, uh... I'd go insane trying to understand it all, so it would be nice if they could simplify it for people like me. Sometimes I feel I just about have a grasp on understanding all the accounting tricks, but it always slips away from me just as it's all about to come together and make sense.

Same with our various pension and bond obligations; a primer would be nice.

Steve Sinai said...

At least now I have some idea of where all my fines and penalties go.