Sunday, May 19, 2013

Paid beach parking is a California trend, south to north

San Francisco Chronicle/Associated Press, Alicia Chang, 5/18/13.  "Parking fees fight at California state beaches heat up." 

I parked at Taco Bell
"....  In search of new revenue, the state parks system is eyeing parking fees for parts of the Northern California shoreline where none existed or considering hiking rates to visit popular beaches south of Los Angeles during peak periods.

....  Out of California's 1,100 miles of beach, a third is controlled by the state Department of Parks and Recreation. Officials say they're under legislative orders to seek new sources of revenue and that a revamp of the parking payment structure is necessary to keep beaches open and to fund deferred maintenance.

....  "We're not Southern California," said Cea Higgins, a volunteer coordinator with the Surfrider Foundation's Sonoma coast chapter. "We're used to having free parking." Park officials contend they should be allowed to charge fees in sections along the Sonoma coast where there are restrooms, garbage cans and picnic tables to maintain. A similar effort last year to charge for parking at some Mendocino County beaches was also met with local opposition."   Read article. 

Note:  photograph from travel site.

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Anonymous said...

Most ridiculous thing I've seen in pay-to-park was at a SoCal surf spot, Salt Point, I think it was. The parking lot was at the top of a cliff and the surfers had to scurry down a steep path to the waterline. The joke was that the parking lot was metered.
I can picture all these guys out in the water constantly checking their watches, trying to do the math to figure out how much time they had left on the meter !