Monday, May 6, 2013

Monterey Bay migration glitch for gray whales

Eco packs have been devouring unsuspecting, Pacifica economic development plans for years.

Got any well meaning Pacificans?
San Francisco Chronicle/Science, 4/27/13.  "Orca packs devouring gray whale calves in Monterey Bay." 

Packs of killer whales are systematically tracking down and devouring young gray whales in Monterey Bay as the giant beasts swim along the coast during their annual migration. ....

....  The problem for the gray whales is they have to cross a 6,000-foot-deep depression, called the Monterey Submarine Canyon, at Point Pinos, allowing the highly intelligent killer whales to attack them in groups from below.

Scores of killer whales are patrolling Monterey Bay, ambushing gray whales and picking off their young as the leviathans attempt to cross a deepwater canyon that bisects their annual migration route.   Read article,  includes 8 slides.  

Note:  Photograph and other pictures from Tumblr.orca whale.

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