Friday, May 3, 2013

California Coastal Trail, and repurposed Devil's Slide highway 1

Half Moon Bay Review/Mark Noack, 5/2/13.  "Coastal Trail segments on horizon, County forsees several new stretches".

Devil's Slide Coast Organization
"San Mateo County officials are coordinating several new, long-awaited segments of the California Coastal Trail on the Midcoast with the goal to someday complete an unbroken corridor spanning from Half Moon Bay to Pacifica.

Right now, the trail is interrupted in places, in some cases leaving cyclists or pedestrians to travel along the side of Highway 1. County planners delivered a presentation to the Midcoast Community Council last week covering their progress on several different areas of the trail system.

....  Now that the Devil’s Slide tunnels are complete, the former highway along the cliffs will be repurposed as a recreational trail. The county plans to take possession of the old highway this summer and begin working to build parking lots and restrooms on both ends of the tunnel. As part of that project, the county will remove a guardrail and chain link fencing along the highway, and replace it with a new barrier. The road surface will also need to be assessed and striped for a trail.

....  The county secured $185,000 from the Cosco Busan Oil Spill Fund, but it needs further funding to move forward. The likely source would be the county Transportation Authority, but there are no guarantees of that funding."   Read article,  includes a graphic of the "proposed Green Valley trail connecting Grey Whale Cove to Devil's Slide Tunnel." 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Build more trails and they shall come!

Anonymous said...

After we get hwy 1 widened we'll let the hiipies have their trail. Deal?

Anonymous said...

Detour all those bike riders out to Pedro Point, straight up Grand Avenue, and over the top. Just gotta tear down a couple of multi-million dollar homes; eazy-peezy.

Anonymous said...

Caltrans won't sell or give the city the lot in the front of Pedro Point Shopping Center for the trailhead.

Way to go Pacifica, burn your bridges with Caltrans also.