Thursday, September 30, 2010

Don't fergit: Barbara Arietta Campaign Kickoff Party, Friday, Oct 1 - 6PM

FRIENDS AND FELLOW PACIFICANS - We invite you to join us in supporting Barbara
Arietta's campaign for Pacifica City Council 2010. "Barbara has shown herself
to be an extraordinarily well qualified candidate. She is conscientious,
engaged and committed to helping Pacifica move forward".
Suzan Getchell-Wallace and Stephanie Vinces






Barbara to date has been endorsed by:

Fiona Ma, Assemblywoman, Speaker Pro Tempore
Jerry Hill, Assemblyman, Democratic Caucus Chair
Richard Gordon, San Mateo County Supervisor
Dave Mandelkern, Trustee, San Mateo County Community College District
Don Horsley, Candidate for San Mateo County Supervisor
San Mateo County Democratic Central Committee
San Mateo County Labor Council
San Mateo County Association of Realtor's(SAMCAR)

Please join us in endorsing Barbara as well.

RSVP: or (650)255-9223 & leave message.

Barbara Arietta for Pacifica City Council 2010 ID#1329285

Posted by Steve Sinai


Concerned Citizen said...

Understandably, Kathy Meeh chose not to explain Barbara Arietta's signature on someone else's mail, or to identify "The Sharp Park 12", but chose to reiterate Mrs. Arietta's long list of personal civic trophies. As I have said before, I don't find the sheer volume of her activities impressive, but rather the oppisite. And as for her work being "highly effective", that is very much in dispute. One old, trusted friend who had some committee dealings with her said "Barbara is master of the bureaucratic slow-down. Your concerns will be taken up at the next meeting". In committee, once she has the chair, Mrs. Arietta does not lead, she rules. She has never made any attempt to hide her blatant ambition or or curb her compulsive thrist for publicity. In a nutshell, many people feel that Mrs. Arietta's ultimate objective is not necessarily community improvement but personal glorification. Kathy Meeh seems to be saying "Thats fine, as long as we get the community improvement too". But is it? And how do you think her more questionable antics would sit with the rest of the council?

Kathy Meeh said...

"Concerned citizen (maybe, maybe not)" my experience and knowledge is that Barbara Arietta is highly effective and would NOT continue the "city rot" policies of the existing city council 4.

For the past 8 years this city has NOT had measurable city economic improvement, nor do I believe for one minute that saving our access to Sharp Park Golf Course would have been better off without the extensive 3+ year volunteer effort of Barbara Arietta.

If the new city council majority can pull this city away from bankruptcy they all deserve our respect. If they don't sing Kumbaya in harmony, all the better. We have had plenty of that city council CYA "dog and pony" show, with limited and no progress, except the ongoing and latest economic solutions from them: more fees, more taxes.

As for the committee complaint from your friend, I recently reviewed 1 1/2 years of city council agendas, which gives true meaning to "masters of the bureaucratic slow-down". Also, the single issue letter (under alternative signatory) you mentioned does sometimes happen in group activity. If it was not authorized, well that might have some merit.

Other than that, my "opinion" is as good as yours "concerned citizen", maybe better because I am identified: hence, "I rule!"

Anonymous said...

I agree with Concerned Citizen. Ms. Meeh we don't need Kumbaya, rather someone who can help stop the fighting. Ms. Arietta is divisive and self-serving and we have had more than enough of that!

Concerned Citizen: never identify yourself. If you do Babs will rip your heart out publicly. I know.

Steve Sinai said...

Does anyone have the slightest clue as to who's heart was ripped out publicly by Barbara? I've never heard her publicly rip anyone.

It almost sounds like a case of unrequited love involving Anon.

With candidates like these said...

Kathy Meeh supported Jeff and Tod in previous elections. Since then Jeff has gotten banned from this site and Tod has continued his tantrums at city council meetings, recently alienating 50 POOCH volunteers who were there for the dog park. If you like Tod and Jeff you will love Barbara!

Anonymous said...

None of the candidates Kathy supports wants anything to do with her.

Judas Iscariot said...

It looks likem Kathy "judas" Meeh turned on Tod and Jeffrey.

Anonymoose said...

That would be a good thing.

Kathy Meeh said...

Anon 8:35am, 8:35am, 9:41am, your comments are unfortunate. Recently I have had friendly personal conversations with 2 of 3 city council candidates and 1 of 2 other people you mentioned. We're all busy, but for the record they called me.

Linked to the above comments, you took a snipe at Tod. Tod SERIOUSLY alienated 50 POOCH members? I doubt it.

Making "behavior styles" an issue has long been a divisive distraction in this city.

Anonymous said...

I though personal attacks were being redacted here? Maybe that has changed. Or is it selectively administered? HMMMM

Anonymous said...

Too bad all "Anons" are not redacted.

Anonymous said...

From Anon @ 9:50 to Anon at 10:21 -- you have a good point there.

A Painter of the Flemish School said...

Holy LOL -- Lookit all the eRage up in here! Did Meeh turn you down for prom or something? LOL.

Kathy likes Arietta a lot, so she "campaigns" for her on this website. So what?

You may not like Arietta, but Kathy does and unabashedly says so. And there's nothing wrong with that especially when Kathy isn't pulling stuff out of thin air but is actually relying upon her personal experiences and Arietta's accomplishments to boost for her.

Go pound another case of beer, bro.

Curious said...

Curious Says...Is Flemidh painter In a relationship with Ms.Meeh? Hmmmmm.

Kathy Meeh said...

"Fed up" it seems you are the one "checked-out". Your commentary is idiotic.

Lee Buffington endorses Sandie Arnott who is currently "acting San Mateo County Treasurer". Here's some other endorsements for Sandie Arnott.

Dave Mandelkern is probably okay too, but as Lee Buffington said Sandie Arnott would be the one to train him. Sandie Arnott is in place, knows the inner-workings of various department with a staff 60+, and as mentioned above is acting San Mateo County Treasurer at this time.

There has been flack about the county portfolio investments. Reality the investment portfolio is very conservative (as expected), and in spite of the economic downturn had gained 3.4% over 10 years (at the time invested monies had lost $155 million loss on the $2.4 billion dollar portfolio last year). At a recent public function, Dave Mandelkern mentioned to a few of us he planned to make better returns on the portfolio. That is a "hummmmm" in this economic climate: higher risk, which does not seem appropriate to me. So there are the choices for Treasurer.

Fed up with Meeh said...

Kathy cannot take the TRUTH. SANDIE ARNOTT & LEE BUFFERTON LOST $155 MILLION of our money. It does not matter what interest was earned on the **rest** of the investment. DAH! People lost their jobs...Stop with the talking points and read the news. Why do you think all the schools are suing the Treasurer and the county? We, the taxpayers are gonna be stuck with the bill!!! Open your wallet and prepare to pay. money I guess I am voting for Arrietta just because "NO CLUE" Meeh is against her. Tell us who else you support so we can be sure NOT to vote for that person.

Anonymous said...

Now, now. Don't pick on Kathy or she'll endorse you or your candidate.

Scotty said...

Interesting candidate responses in the Trib's sports section (of all places) today:

- Babs tries to take all the credit for us joining the SMC Convention and Visitors Bureau.
- Digre and Leon refuse to support the golf course.

Kathy Meeh said...

"Fed up" is probably William Morrison of Daly City, who deluged this blog with pro-Mandelkern, anti-Arnott comments during the Spring campaign. Related thought: "Fed up" may also be involved with the "hit" postcard pieces against-Arnott sent in the mail during this Fall campaign.

"Fed up" states he guesses he will be voting for Arietta since Meeh is not. Does this sound like some who is connected to an understanding of Pacifica politics (including on this blog)?
I don't think so.

Scotty, thanks for directing us to the sports section and the city council candidates views on city recreation.

In the article Barbara compliments the newly energized Chamber of Commerce, and she states she worked on the city gaining entry to the SMC Convention and Visitors Bureau for 3 1/2 years-- and so she did. She did the initial research, developed a binder, talked to each Hotel/Motel owner, each city council member.

I know Don Eagleston (Chamber General Manager) did not support the Chamber joining the SM Convention and Visitors bureau even 2 weeks prior to his departure.

PS: Earlier this morning I posted a comment in response to "Fed up", but it didn't appear so it may be out there and arrive later.

Fed up with Meeh said...

I have no candidates. Look at the ads on TV. Everybody stinks and unemployment is gonna hit 12 percent. I just want to bash whoever Meeh picks cause she can't stop with the talking points. I'm outta here...

Anonymous said...

Feel better, go to a doctor.

Fed up with Meeh said...

Anonymous..Thanks to Obama care... I can't

Fed up with Meeh said...

BTW Ms Meeh. Arnott is talking about her opponent like he is her dumb dog. What a class act. Surprise, surprise, surprise is she going to teach her opponent how to lose $155 million of our tax dollars? Perhaps you want to pony up some cash. I want my money back. I would not vote for Bernie Madoff or the Bufferton Arnott team. What is your problem? You like to abuse people on this BLOG but you can't take it when it comes back. Maybe we need a term limit on Meeh

Kathy Meeh said...

"Fed up" 7:41pm (probably aka: William Morrison, Daly City), the difference between you and me is I go after bullies and liars, think you're winning?

Think your attack on me and attacks on Buffington/Arnott makes your candidate (Dave Mandelkern) look more credible?

Think your "liar's leap" falsely connecting San Mateo county fiduciary officers (Buffington/Arnott) to Bernie Madoff (who fraudulently represented investment accounts, and has subsequently been jailed forever) makes you look believable? Think your comments are politically beneficial to your candidate? Better think again.