Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Geography of a Recession


Submitted by Jim Wagner


Kathy Meeh said...

Fascinating view of unemployment growth from 1/2007.

Anonymous said...

Jerry Brown has either raised or tried to raise taxes on just about everything imaginable. During his governorship, he raised the gas tax, doubled the car tax and proposed $7 billion in new taxes.

DemocratIdiot said...

More layoffs/job losses to come in the first quarter of 2011. No jobs bill the democrats and president sign can help. The damage has been done. Since the democrats have been in charge of the purse strings since 2007, Business has been in trouble. The democrats job killing green initiatives bill, in ca., have sent all manufacturing overseas, but allow foreigners and their companies to come here and make a profit without paying taxes. HOW DO THEY GET AWAY WITH THIS SHEET??!! Cause the VOTERS ARE IDIOTS!

Anonymous said...

Voter in California (mostly all democrats) don't know that every time they vote for a democrat, they vote to raise their own taxes and cause their employer to lay them off. Republican base has shrunk so much that any repubs left are not really conservatives. They are fiscally conservative but socially liberal. Explains California situation very well. With senators like Leland Yee, who wants a one party rule, he does not believe people should own property. If you continue to vote for democrats like leland yee you vote to abolish property owner rights.

Anonymous said...

Dollar store is opening up 300 new stores in america next year.

Anonymous said...

California has had financial problems way before the Oct 2008 Bank Crash.

During California's struggle, Meg Whitman was busy building up Ebay and creating jobs. Jerry Brown was busy killing jobs, raising taxes.

Today's CEO's are under attack by democrats.It has become impossible to do business here in state. It starts with local governments and assembly, all overwhelmingly democratic elected leaders. Then you have the polarizing Coastal Commission, Sierra Club, EPA. All democrats. So when you hear the california democrats screaming "it's Bush's Fault" or "it's the Republicans fault". Tell them 1)Bush never lived in California 2) California's problems started as soon as the democrats won majority in the Ca State Assembly 3) The 2008 Bank Crisis happened in Oct of 2008, when McCain was up in the polls and California was already ready to go bankrupt.

Just look at all local governments. Take Pacifica for example. Current City Council, most likely vote for the democratic ticket. Since they have been running the city we have lost; jobs and badly needed new revenue generating ideas. I am not telling you who to vote for, but please do look at who really is running things and watch what they do, not what they say. Life time politicians are the biggest liars.

Let's not forget the latest scandal happening in Bell, Ca where the city council was ripping the residents off royally. Guess what? City Council, Fire and Police Chief; ALL DEMOCRATS. They want big government, to give themselves BIG PAY AND PENSION and then screw the rest, all the while killing jobs and raising taxes. Good Grief. When will the people in this state learn.

Kathy Meeh said...

Anon 10:43, the city leadership problems in Pacifica are more about an agenda and philosophy of "no growth". Also over 8 years, 4 of them didn't exactly tell us the truth about what they had in mind for this city, the deficiencies of which has brought us to the edge of city bankruptcy.

Similar to Republicans and other party members, "all Democrats are not alike", but you know that. People vote for Democrats because they more agree with the philosophy rational, "big tent" issues. Big government can solve big in-common people issues for "we the people".

The pension issue exists throughout government (Federal, State, County, City) and is a separate NON-PARTISAN old issue. Government did not transition to partially self-funded employee plans more than 30 years ago when private industry did.

Bell is a single city, non-partisan issue-- not a Democrat issue.

I'll be voting for Jerry Brown this election, voted for Arnold Schwarzenegger last election.