Monday, September 27, 2010


News of 2 Campaign Parties

FRIENDS AND FELLOW PACIFICANS - We invite you to join us in supporting Barbara
Arietta's campaign for Pacifica City Council 2010. "Barbara has shown herself
to be an extraordinarily well qualified candidate. She is conscientious,
engaged and committed to helping Pacifica move forward".
Suzan Getchell-Wallace and Stephanie Vinces






Barbara to date has been endorsed by:

Fiona Ma, Assemblywoman, Speaker Pro Tempore
Jerry Hill, Assemblyman, Democratic Caucus Chair
Richard Gordon, San Mateo County Supervisor
Dave Mandelkern, Trustee, San Mateo County Community College District
Don Horsley, Candidate for San Mateo County Supervisor
San Mateo County Democratic Central Committee
San Mateo County Labor Council
San Mateo County Association of Realtor's(SAMCAR)

Please join us in endorsing Barbara as well.

RSVP: or (650)255-9223 & leave message.

Barbara Arietta for Pacifica City Council 2010 ID#1329285


Senior Citizen said...

I see that Barbara Arietta is running for the City Council, and it reminded me of a story I heard a few months ago. After Sharp Park C.G. was upheld by the S.F. Board of Supervisors, Richard Harris e-mailed a congratulatory thank-you note to his many supporters, thanking, among others, Barbara Arietta. He signed the note, "Richard Harris, S. F. Public Golf Alliance". It was a thoughtful, generous gesture from the man who carried the bulk of the Sharp Park defense.

The very next day, some of the same recipients recieved another, apparently identical e-mail, but with an additional signatory: Barbara Arietta, Chair, Pacifica Community Coalition etc. And there was another discrepancy. In the sentence where Mr. Harris had listed some supporters, someone had inserted, "The Sharp Park 12".

When I first commented on this website (Jan. 8, 2010) I was complaining about Mrs. Arietta not signing a self-serving article she wrote for the newspaper. I am now commenting on her signing a piece she did not write. Ironic, isn't it?

I'm sure mrs. Arietta's supporters will again consider her actions harmless, even the delusional aspecs of "The Sharp Park 12". But the problem here is not so much her shortsighted ethics as it is her monumental ego. Her compulsion to put her name on everything within reach, to "chair" every committee, direct every discussion, does not bode well for effective city goverment. It is going to take some teamwork to save this old town, and nobody wants to work with a glory-hound. Sharp Park 12 indeed!

In the interest of a peaceful old age, I shall remain that anonymous...

Senior Citizen

Scotty said...

I also find it off-putting that she writes those articles for The Tribune where she refers to herself in the third-person as "...Pacifica luminaries, such as Barbara Arietta..."

Anonymous said...

She is too deep with the Rats. Just the FACT that Kathy Meeh and Steve Sinai endorse her should turn people off from Arietta. They have zero tolerance for others political views and are very partisan. She is on too many committees and clubs/organizations. Kind of weird. It is like she wants to be seen everywhere and not accomplish one thing. Well, that is the typical demorat way.

Vote Stone and Vellone said...

Vote for Len Stone and Susan Vellone!

Kathy Meeh said...

The reason to vote for Barbara Arietta is that she is "can do", "has done" and knows what to do to "fix Pacifica". She has a long list of city and county work she has done for this community, and her endorsement list is long.

Let's see Scotty, luminaries would means "a person of prominence or brilliant achievement", and if Barbara said that I think it is true.

Current involvement (from her brochure):
1. County: 1) Vice Chair San Mateo County Transportation Authority Citizen Advisory Committee, 2) President nominee of San Mateo County Civil Grand Juror's Association. 2. City: 1) Chair, Pacifica Coalition to Save Sharp Park Golf Course, 2) Chair, Pacifica Green Building Task Force, 3) Director, Pacifica Library Foundation, 4) Director, Pacifica Library Foundation, 5) President, Pacifica Democrats.

Anon who has been terrorizing this blog for the past several days, apparently has yet to understand there are actually 3 candidates running for city council. And, she also probably does not understand that 3 city council members only set policy and run this city, whereas appointed committees make recommendations within limited constraints.

Unknown said...

"terrorizing this blog"

talk about propaganda...Wow.

Anonymous said...

Only two are worthy of running and elected.

Democrats don't like it when you loosely use the word "terrorizing". Watch out!

Hanging out on committees and commissions and never actually accomplishing anything other then knowing what is going on with these groups does make for a good job on a newspaper writing a column. Other-than-that, it is not a good back round for someone who is serious about getting this city out of the red.

Stone and Vellone said...

Vote for Len Stone and Susan Vellone.

Kathy Meeh said...

Anon 10:51AM, in government-- what would you replace intelligent, researched consideration, due process and order with?

Think you're doing Len Stone and Susan Vellone a favor by continuing your irrational drum beat? I don't. Your idea of "worthy" makes rational people want to run.

Lois, my use of vocabulary with regard to recent right-wing capture of the blog fits,
try some definitions: terrorize, and propaganda.

Unknown said...

As I have said before, lots of amusing things on this Blog. Anon...stop scaring Kathy.

Scotty said...

Perhaps she's a "luminary" and perhaps not... Her making that determination about herself and then referring to herself in the third person is definitely blowhard-ish and perhaps a little bit creepy.

Kathy Meeh said...

Scotty, Barbara writes a lot, and these articles are usually not signed correspondent notifications. This creeps you out, whereas its Tribune newspaper policy for arts, clubs and charities.

I'm accustomed this from artist notifications and biographies. Some one has to set the publicity, and with a small budget that person is usually the one you're looking in the mirror at.

Scotty said...

"its Tribune newspaper policy for arts [sic]"
I don't see Jean or anyone else referring to themselves in articles.

"Some one has to set the publicity [sic]"
That makes even less sense than usual. Publicizing the event or group doesn't require publicizing yourself.

I'll probably vote for her anyway since she seems less anti-business than some, but her tendency toward self-promotion seems very Vreeland-esque to me.

Kathy Meeh said...

Scotty, I don't known your specific reference where Barbara may have referred to herself in an article(s), what. Will she vote for your best interest and that of this city and community? Yes. Has Vreeland? No.

Easy vote. She is qualified.

Anonymous said...

Easy no vote, she's for the freeway.
We don't want a go@@am freeway for people to drag strip on. No on Ms. Arrieta.

Kathy Meeh said...

Anon 8:02onm, easy YES vote for others that want to fix the 1.3 mile traffic congestion on the existing highway. Also fixing traffic congestion is a "green" air quality solution.

How old is this problem? For sure more than 8 years, that's an easy vote out for incumbents also.

Steve Sinai said...

What freeway? I don't recall SMCTA or Caltrans presenting a plan that removed any street lights.

Kathy Meeh said...

Steve, guess "highway 1" is a clue that the road is a "highway". So, Anon 9/29/19,8:02pm doesn't win the Einstein genius award.

Here's one article about the difference between highway vs. freeway. The article mentions 6 lanes as a possible condition for being a freeway, but would not qualify as a 1.3 mile traffic congestion fix.

Barbara will work to improve this city, she has connections and she's effective, that is what's needed. BTW, Richard Arietta (Barbara's husband) dropped off one of her candidate front yard signs yesterday. I've only met him a few times, but he seems smart, friendly and delightful.

J.B. said...

With all the terrible things that politicians do these days I don't get what Senior Citizen is complaining about. Maybe he just lost it. LOL. Barbara should be elected because nobody else knows all the important people she does and how everything really works "behind the scenes".

Anonymous said...

"...guess "highway 1" is a clue that the road is a "highway". So, Anon 9/29/19,8:02pm doesn't win the Einstein genius award."

Drag strips aren't welcome here. If you don't notice what's going on around you as you drive about, you may qualify for a Darwin award.
Do you like drag strips? That, in your ignorance and obeisance to authority, is what you advocate.

Kathy Meeh said...

Anon 9:41pm, okay so you win the Darwin Award.

Drag strip to you may mean traffic is actually moving.

Scotty said...

The Sue Digre "we need to have traffic on Highway 1 so that people don't speed by our businesses" approach has proven to be as much of a loser as it sounded originally.

We need to create reasons for people to come to Pacifica apart from finding a restroom when they sit in too much traffic.

Anonymous said...

Barbara? Just what we need another massive ego, self absorbed, meeting attender, get nothing done, person on city council! The sad truth, she is also vicious and back stabbing and you never want to cross her or she will tear your heart out. The examples to support these statements are endless. Go Barbara!

Steve Sinai said...

Looks like the campaign manager for one of Barbara's opponents is commenting here.

Kathy Meeh said...

Its easy to agree with Steve on the Anon 9/30/10, 7:48 spin.

Barbara has been a highly effective action advocate for the improvement of this city at both city and county level.

Some examples I know personally of her citizen efforts: 1) the traffic improvement fix with grant funding came back a few years ago as the result of her timely urging; 2) Pacifica "on the map" was her campaign to city council and the chamber of commerce 3 years ago, 3) 4 years ago she work with those of us who supported Measure L and want to see that property developed for needed tax revenue, 4) Save Sharp Park golf course, for 3+ years she has been seriously involved with that happening (at city, SF and SM county level). With these group efforts, she also has successfully rounded-up people to speak at these meetings.

Additionally: 5) she is responsible for the quality speakers and speaker's forums sponsored through the Pacifica Democrats Club, 6) she has frequent Club and posting in the Tribune, and periodically moderates various forums. 7) she was appointed to and held an important post on the county grand jury, and county citizen's transportation committee, 8) she's involved at leadership level on committees and clubs in Pacifica. 9) she supports affecting a city "dog park(s), a 21st century library, completion of a museum, a balanced city budget, a city with an improved infrastructure (economy, civic function and environment).

So, guess she isn't completely self-absorbed Anon. Got your "back stabbed" because you crossed her? Sorry, maybe apologize, do what you can to amend and move on-- or not.

For those who missed the Darwin Awards reference by Anon 9/30, 10:26pm, here it is again.

With candidates like this said...

Barbara is like Tod Schlesinger and Jeff Simons in drag. Stop promoting psycho cases for city council, our city has enough problems as it is!

Kathy Meeh said...

The sad, psycho commentary is from you "with candidates" 9:47am. The city has problems in failure to develop an adequate city economic infrastructure. The people you don't like would all fix that. So where are you coming from? Oh, you won a Darwin Award.

Hopefully other people will support and vote for "can do" candidates who are running for city council this year.