Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Let's improve the debate

Other than actually getting to see what some of these candidates look like, the upcoming debate on Channel 26 announced by Marty Anaya in this mornings Tribune doesn't appear to offer much. The limited number of questions, the fact that all participants will answer the same questions, and that those questions will be known in advance, should insure the absence of any drama, inspiration or spontaneity. I'm sure it's a well-meant effort on the part of the sponsors, and that these are the only ground-rules all the candidates would agree on. Especially the incumbents. I expect a cautious, well-rehearsed and uneventful program. Candidates will be concerned about the economy and committed to the environment. God and Country. Expand the tax base, after a careful study.

It might liven up the proceedings if, in the half hour before the debate, all participants be required to consume two (2) full-size straight-up martinis. Mr. Clifford, being a navy man, should have to drink three. I'd be happy to mix the drinks.

Paul Slavin


Mr. Sir said...

The limited number of questions, the fact that all participants will answer the same questions, and that those questions will be known in advance...

I didn't see anything regarding the format of the discussion other than an announcement that no studio audience would be present.

Did I miss the ground-rules in the original article?

Heather Tanner said...

Ha ha ha. If I drank two martinis, you'd see quite a show from me. Not a pretty show - - I can't tolerate alcohol.

I can confirm that the questions will be known in advance. I didn't choose that - I wasn't even asked. I think its to give everyone an equal opportunity to have their true opinions heard. Some people are better at on-the-spot questions, some need time to think before they can give an answer. I prefer thinkers, myself.

Paul Slavin said...

Marty outlines the proposed debate in his column on page 2A of yesterdays Trib.

Steve Sinai said...

I thought I read somewhere that there would only be two or three questions asked of each participant.

The issue with me is that I don't have cable, and watching channel 26 on the web doesn't work well. My 2MB PacificaNet connection is constantly freezing up when I try to watch things like council meetings, so I've given up on that. It would have been better if the debate was televised from Sanchez or the City Council chambers, where people would have had the opportunity to watch in person.

I seriously doubt that anyone's going to give up their satellite tv for cable just to watch a council debate.

Mr. Sir said...

Thanks, Paul.

Thomas Clifford for City Council said...

Paul: I would still have them at a big disadvantage. Not only am I an old Navy man, I am an Irishman to boot.

No ground rules were set by the candidates.

As I understand it, because there are so many candidates and so little time, each candidate will only answer a couple of questions selected at random from the list of question we are given.