Sunday, September 26, 2010

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Jed York
Marie P. DeBartolo
Sports Centre
4949 Centennial Boulevard
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Posted by Steve Sinai


Scotty said...

Go ahead and write off those guys....

LET'S go, GI-ants!

whiner fan said...

So much for the whiners and the playoffs

who gets fired first. Bochy for screwing the giants in or right before the playoffs or this ass clown Singletary?

A good player, or not even a great player, doesn't always make a great coach.

Whiners have ATL next week who are going to roll them.

Markus said...

I think the Niners are Bi-polar. Seriously, the coach lacks practical experience and Jimmy Ray, the offensive coordinator is very predictable and has basically used the same offensive schemes for the past 30 years with 7 different teams. If you check on his long history, his footprint is quite consistent. Each team he joined had a worst offensive season then the previous year. Well he does hold the record for the longest active offensive coordinator in the NFL. Unless Singletary makes a change very soon, Jimmy will take him down.

Anonymous said...

49ers fire Jimmy Raye
.From The Chronicle Sports Desk:

Three games into a season characterized by an ineffective offense, the 49ers have fired offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye, according to a report on that has since been confirmed by various other outlets.

Raye has overseen the 49ers' unpredictable offense since January 2009. The offense was supposed to be hitting its stride this season, but instead has stumbled in embarrassing fashion.

Jimmy Raye with Alex Smith.
Last year's offense was led at first by quarterback Shaun Hill, and then by Alex Smith. It moved from being a "smashmouth" run offense to one that operated a little more like a passing, spread offense, in an attempt to match Smith's abilities.

The new coordinator, or at least the person performing those duties, will be quarterbacks coach Mike Johnson, according to CSN Bay Area's Matt Maiocco, speaking this morning on KNBR, said that Johnson recently spent time studying spread offenses. On Sunday, the 49ers relentlessly, but ineffectively, handed off and dumped passes off to running back Frank Gore. Perhaps with Raye's firing, this approach will be altered, perhaps significantly.

The 49ers this season are 0-3.

Mike Johnson, right, is to take over the 49ers' offense. In this 2009 photo, he's with Mike Singletary and Tom Rathman.
They opened with a six-point performance in Seattle in which the play-calling communication from Raye above the field to Johnson on the sideline to Smith on the field was the subject of a week's worth of back-and-forth whose-fault-was-it controversy.

In Week 2, last Monday night, the 49ers looked much better at home against the defending Super Bowl champion Saints. They scored 22 points and Smith led a drive in the final two minutes to tie the game before the Saints came back with a game-winning field goal. The hope afterward was that Smith had found his mojo. His leadership was and execution were applauded.

But Sunday, the 49ers scored 10 points in Kansas City. Seven of those points game in garbage time, as the team called timeouts to give themselves a chance against the Chiefs' reserves to get into the red zone for the first time all game.

According to his bio on the 49ers website, Johnson has been the quarterbacks coach since February 2009. He previously coached the Ravens, Falcons (including Michael Vick) and Chargers. Before the Chargers, he was with Oregon State.

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