Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Brown, Whitman Candidate Debate for Governor 9/28/10

Brown, Whitman Debate, 9/28/10. The ABC, channel 7 news begins with an introduction news cast (about 5 minutes), followed by the debate itself. The debate took about 1 hour, so plan accordingly if you view this event. 

"Los Angeles (KABC) Gubernatorial candidates Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman met for their first debate Tuesday at the University of California-Davis. The debate was the first of three scheduled for the candidates.  Whitman and Brown faced 10 questions in the debate. The questions inquired about stances on resolving the California state budget crisis; state inmate execution and the appeals process; job creation and business development; state worker pension benefits and reform; job preparation and experience; University of California and California State University student fees; political advertisement fact-checking; immigration; campaign finance reform; and state water issues.

Democratic candidate Jerry Brown is currently California Attorney General. He was elected secretary of state in 1970, and was elected state governor in 1974 and re-elected in 1978.  Republican candidate Meg Whitman is the former chief executive officer of eBay. She has executive experience in several corporations, including Stride Rite, FTD and Hasbro.  ABC7 was the only station in Los Angeles that streamed the debate live on-air and online."  A follow-up viewer survey is available on the link.  
Additional comments and references
Comment: "Few surprises, clear differences", California Report 9/29/10.
Chronicle columnist Debra J. Saunders, (self-proclaimed token conservative), San Francisco Chronicle 9/29/10.
More Debates Planned, KQED, 9/29/10.

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Anonymous said...

will jerry brown take a drug test?

Anonymoose said...

Let's see Jerry Brown's birth certificate.

Anonymous said...

It was on KTVU Channel 2, not ABC Kgo 7

Kathy Meeh said...

Anon, will you take a drug test? But, you also need to take a vision test in viewing the link if you bothered, ABC channel 7.

Think if you pass that drug test, you might consider taking some "happy pills", your serotonin levels might be low.