Sunday, September 19, 2010

City Council candidate interviews on Wavelength

By Ian Butler

On November 2nd, Pacifica has an important election coming up with several local issues to be decided. In addition to Term Limits, the Transit Occupancy Tax, Water and School Board races, Measure P and a County Supervisors runoff, we have 9 candidates vying for 3 City Council seats.

With such a crowded field, the candidates will have limited opportunity to make an impression on the voters, so I offered each an appearance on Wavelength, the show that I produce on PCT, for one-on-one interviews.  Due to busy campaign schedules, 6 of the 9 candidates were available for taping.

The interviews are informal and unscripted, intended as a chance to get to know the candidates and their plans for Pacifica’s future. Two of the interviews, Leo Leon and Tom Clifford, are already completed, with the others taping soon.

There will be several other candidate forums between now and Election Day, and each provides an important piece of the puzzle. It is my hope that Wavelength will help complete the picture.

Wavelength interviews tentative broadcast schedule (all times PM):

Leo Leon: Sep 20th 6:30; Sep 28th, 8:30; Oct 4th, 6:30
Tom Clifford: Sep 27th, 6:30; Oct 5th, 8:30; Oct 11th, 6:30
Sue Digre and Heather Tanner: Oct 12th, 8:30; Oct 18th, 6:30 Oct 26th, 8:30
Jim Vreeland and Susan Vellone: Oct 19th, 8:30; Oct 25th, 6:30; Nov 1 6:30

In addition, all of the shows will air consecutively starting at 4:00 Saturday, October 30th.

Pacifica Community Television (PCT) can be viewed on Comcast Cable 26 or online at

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