Saturday, March 4, 2017

RESIST beach protest, San Francisco and Pacifica

Pacifica Tribune/Horace Hinshaw/Tribune Editor, 2/15/17. "Resist! movement attracts beach crowd. Pacificans send message to Trump." Note: both "Resist" events occurred, Saturday, February 11, 2017.

Protesters gather to spell out "Resist!!" on Ocean Beach in San Francisco on Jan. 11, 2017. Photo: Stefan Ruenzel
 "RESIST!!" message to Trump  (San Francisco)
 "RESIST!" message to Trump  (Pacifica) 
"Hundreds of Pacificans gave their bodies for democracy Saturday (2/11/17) when they formed a human banner on the Linda Mar Beach in protest to “RESIST!” the actions of the current administration.

A diverse group of people, estimated to be 500, started showing up at 10:30 a.m. in wait for an overhead helicopter to film the event. People filled up the outline of the letters 'R-E-S-I-S-T-!' in the sand. Between 11:30 a.m. and noon a helicopter was filming the people. .... 'The mood here today was peaceful, celebratory and fun,' continued Fran Hardcastle, who thanked the many individuals who donated money to help defray the cost of the helicopter. 'We made this event public because we wanted to have people come and show their support and solidarity with our sister event in San Francisco.'

'Today’s event is a continuation of the democratic process; regular citizens who are passionate about being an advocate in the political climate nationwide, here in our hometown and our state for everyone,' said Ria Tajbl, who used Facebook to spread the word of the event. 'People showed up,' said Tajbl, smiling. 'Men, women, children and even well-behaved dogs. It’s a wonderful sight.' 'Human rights are everybody’s rights,” added Tajbl. 'We are standing up for our rights, being active. We are calling our congressional people, asking them to vote a certain way. We are trying to protecting what we have. This is not just about new issues'. "  Read more. 

Related articles. Pacifica.  Daily Kos/Heather in SFBay, 2/11/17, "#RESIST on the beach, Pacifica, CA."  ".... San Francisco is the mama of political aerial beach statements, but folks from @Pacifica_Resist coordinated a joint action down on Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica, California.  It was our first beautiful, clear & sunny day after MANY days of wet and was glorious!  San Mateo County was well represented by people of all ages, shapes, & colors in our Red, White, Blue & Pussy Pink!  We got our aerial #RESIST photo shots in from the helicopter and then we all walked down to the waters edge, hand in hand, both in solidarity and to help show just how many people were there...together. ..."   San Francisco/Ocean Beach.  SF Gate/San Francisco Chronicle/Alix Martichoux, 2/12/17, "Thousands of protesters spell out 'RESIST!!' on San Francisco's Ocean Beach." "Thousands of protesters gathered on San Francisco's Ocean Beach on Saturday, using their bodies to send a political message. To spectators on the beach, the purpose of the protest may have seemed unclear. But from the sky, there was no question. Thousands of people spelled out 'RESIST!!' on the sand. Organizer Brad Newsham wrote on Facebook that 'a close study of a high-resolution overhead shot shows between 4,600 and 5,600 participants.' ....  This is the latest San Francisco protest aimed at fighting back against the Trump administration."    Note: The "Resist" photographs are from the related articles: San Francisco by Stefan Ruenzel; Pacifica by Heather in SF Bay from Daily Kos.

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I'm surprised that they got the spelling right!

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Sore losers still crying about Trump's huge win!

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What's the difference between a Liberal to a puppy????? When a puppy grows up it stops whining then knows better to stay off the streets.