Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Palmetto Avenue Streetscape, lite

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Tall enough concept,
scaled down reality.
Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, Staff Writer, 3/16/17.  "Palmetto Avenue streetscape decision approaches. City Council likely to consider improvement project by end of March.

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Utilities street mess:
undergrounding, 2013.
"Long time in the planning, the Palmetto Avenue Streetscape is expected to come up at the City Council meeting at the end of the month, Mar. 27.  
Anne Stedler, Pacifica’s director of economic development, has been in charge of the project. She recommended a scaled-down version of the streetscape elements when she joined city staff to make the project less expensive than the original proposal worked out by the West Sharp Park Advisory Committee.  ...  ....  The first big step, the undergrounding of the utilities, has already been accomplished.

Pete Yoes, owner of Dial Glass and Window Company, said he’s looking forward to both the cosmetic and the major repairs.  'We’ve got the naked telephone poles. We’ve got patches over the sidewalk. They have been diluting the plan through the years, but it is still worth it to move forward.' ...  ....  'The money was there if they had gotten to it sooner when the price was lower, instead of procrastinating.' ..."  Read article.

Related article.  Pacifica Patch/Christa Bigue, Staff, 8/2/13, "Palmetto street merchants put up with noise, no parking for undergrounding. The project to dig up the pavement and underground the electrical lines on Palmetto Street is now slated for completion by end of December 2013."        Note photographs Utilities mess undergrounding by Christa Bigue from the related article.   Tall, small, book cover by Mike Shenon, Amazon, Mr. Tall and Mr. Small/Barbara Brenner.

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Anonymous said...

Mark my words: Keener will vote against this

Anonymous said...

I do not think Keener or any on council will vote against it,because of benefit to marijuana stores.

Anonymous said...

Keener cast the sole vote against the contract awards.

Anonymous said...

I told you Keener would vote against the palmetto improvement

Keener will never ever vote for anything that improves this city

He's nothing more than an obstructionist who votes no on everything

Anonymous said...

Keener said he never liked the project but never said why? Insights, anyone? Managed retreat?

Low Score Joe said...

Keener is like Len Goodman on Dancing With The Stars and the East German judge in the Olympics!

Anonymous said...

His puppet masters are against any/all improvements on Palmetto. They are against the library.
They are against development of the old waste water treatment plant. They whip the flames to exaggerate Sea Level Rise. Their goal.......nothing for Pacifica. At least give Keener props for being truthful about his negative intensions. The one to watch is that lying, manipulating Deirdre Martin.
She is very devious and of course, like her puppet masters who unethically slipped her into office, she thinks she's smarter than everyone. Digre unfortunately is a sawdust brain who does what she is told. get it? 3-2 majority for "Nothing For Pacifica".