Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Highway 1 widening plan: never

Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, Staff Writer, 3/22/17.  "City bans new highway lanes. Ordinance forbids Highway 1 widening without voter approval."

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Commute home: Congested, not safe, could have been fixed.
Thanks again for nothing, NIMBY majority City Council.
Don't be fooled: monies, years of progress lost again.
"City Council members passed an ordinance that will prohibit any formal Council action to support or approve the addition of through lanes on Highway 1 without first obtaining majority voter approval. .... The ordinance states, 'Neither City Council nor other legislative bodies of the city shall take any formal action to support or authorize the construction and/or development of additional through-lanes on Highway 1 in the city of Pacifica, without first having obtained a majority voter approval of the city of Pacifica electorate authorizing such through-lanes.' .... 'It would be hypocritical of you not to want the vote right now,' Mayor Mike O’Neill said.   In addition to the ordinance, Keener requested a formal City Council resolution that addresses alternatives to highway widening and identifies areas for improvement along the highway. That resolution unanimously passed. 

.... Van Ocampo reached out to Caltrans and the SMCTA about the possibility of adding an overcrossing for bikes and pedestrians. Caltrans replied there was no state funding available for something like that; SMCTA told him to apply for the next round of grants for that purpose. He also approached the staff of City/County Association of Governments of San Mateo County (C/CAG) who was interested in seeing if he could find a way to fund it. 'There’s no pedestrian part in the Caltrans highway widening,' Ocampo said.  .... ...  Mark Stechbart said, 'The Transportation Authority will probably take the money away. Let the taxpayers vote. Many alternatives are off the table'. Read article.

Reference, City Council meetings.  Fix Pacifica reprint agendas: Consideration item. City Council meeting 3/13/17, Item 11. Video from about 3:30 minutes.City Council meeting 3/13/17, Item 11.
Also see Consent Calendar item, City Council meeting, 3/27/17, Item 3: Note: City Council majority passed this item without approval of a second reading.
Reference, Approved Highway 1 widening project. Project researched, studied, funded by CalTrans, Highway 1 widening project.  NIMBY campaign against widening Highway 1, Pacificans for Highway 1 Alternatives (PH1A). Home.

Note photograph from Kron 4/Kate Cagle, Vince Cestone, 8/10/15, "Caltrans facing tough questions after 'traffic disaster'...".

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Fake News said...

In unreported Pacifica News of the Day:

The Chamber maids last day was March 15th.

CWR said...

There's a reason Prop L.Lost in 2006. There's a reason Prop/Measure N lost last November. The city can even designate kids that live in the city to proper schools in the area just look at Hwy North around 07:30-07:45 in the morning. How long would this third lane be on Hwy One? Remember a great majority of these people will have to merge back into the two lane traffic holding up things even more. That's why the widening hasn't been passed, it has nothing to with being a 'NIMBY' yet of common sense.

Kathy Meeh (reality is fact based) said...

Craig 4:59, Highway 1 traffic backs-up in the 1.3 mile (Vallemar north, Rockaway, Fassler south) area, because cars access and exit the highway from neighborhoods, causing a bottle neck in that location. Widening is the solution.
Driving Highway 1 through Vallemar/Fassler area, using your "common sense", you too may observe the traffic patterns during peak hours as you slowdown or sit in peak hour traffic.

It may not matter to you, but this Highway 1 widening project has been fully studied by CalTrans,, vetted through public meetings, and Federal/State/County funding has been approved (I think).
Further, our previous City Councils (over more than a decade) initiated the Highway widening request, and approved stages of the Highway 1 widening planning.

No Citywide vote was required-- until the current NIMBY controlled City Council majority (election 11/16) passed the recent "must vote" ordinance.
The "must vote" ordinance is of course another "alternatives" ploy to 1) run out the clock on Federal/State/County funding, and 2) to do the usual: nothing.
That's what NIMBIES do in this City: their 35 year+ track record is opposition to efficient City infrastructure solutions and a balanced City economy.

Anonymous said...

The NIMBY strategy (including perverting the last election) insures the continuation of their "I got mine, screw everyone else" religion.