Thursday, March 2, 2017

Existing immigration policy

Pacifica Tribune/Editorial/SF (Opinion), 2/23/17. "Naked resistance."

Image result for welcome immigrants picture....  "America’s immigration 'policy' for the last 75 years under both Republicans and Democrats has been unnecessarily complicated, unequally applied and profoundly unfair. If we can’t treat fellow humans with dignity — be they undocumented immigrants or refugees — then we fail to live up the highest ideals of what it is to be an American.

Image result for welcome immigrants picture
Then again, most of us live
in families who migrated here.
We suspect that those who said nothing while President Obama deported millions are primarily interested in partisan politics. Our message to you is that is not going to cut it when it comes to fixing America’s immigration policy. This a national test for how we treat fellow human beings. Get with that, or get out of the way." ....  Read more.

Related articles.  Congressional history.  New York Daily News/David Bier (Opinion),3/1/17, "Trump's immigration ban is discriminatory, damaging policy that Congress explicitly rejected in 1965: the parallels are striking." "President Trump plans to release a revision of his immigration executive order on Muslim-majority countries next week. If the new order bans new immigrants from certain countries again, it is certain to land back in court." 

Related President Trump "alternative fact" check.  The Daily Journal, San Mateo County/Associated Press, 3/1/17. "Fact check: Trump takes credit he hasn't earned." "TRUMP: 'According to the National Academy of Sciences, our current immigration system costs America’s taxpayers many billions of dollars a year.' THE FACTS: That’s not exactly what that report says. It says immigrants 'contribute to government finances by paying taxes and add expenditures by consuming public services.'  The report found that while first-generation immigrants are more expensive to governments than their native-born counterparts, primarily at the state and local level, immigrants’ children 'are among the strongest economic and fiscal contributors in the population.' This second generation contributed more in taxes on a per capita basis, for example, than did non-immigrants in the period studied, 1994-2013. The report found that the 'long-run fiscal impact' of immigrants and their children would probably be seen as more positive 'if their role in sustaining labor force growth and contributing to innovation and entrepreneurial activity were taken into account'."     Note graphics.  Justice from the Catholic Diocese of Oakland, "Justice for Immigrants."  Sioux welcome image website to Irregular times liberal button and sticker shop.

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