Sunday, March 12, 2017

Cooperate to improve City function?

Over decades, NIMBIES leadership has driven this City into an economic, civic, and social ditch. With so much potential lost, how about now trying something new: cooperate to affect a better City? 

Pacifica Tribune/Wandering and Wondering/John Maybury, 3/9/17.  "Rules for fighting fair." (Source:,, the article must be there somewhere, otherwise the links available include various IQ tests.)
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Agreed upon City direction and planning.

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 Agreed upon common
economic and civic goals.
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Goal cooperation is
not rocket science.
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Cooperation will achieve civic goals.
.... "Find common ground. Begin by pointing out things you can agree on. This creates a working atmosphere that focuses on a shared goal.
 ... Be clear about why you’re upset, otherwise you’ll never solve the real issue.  Do not attack your partner’s character. ... Character traits are hard to change, but specific behaviors can be modified.

.... ... If you encounter a complex issue, the topic will have to be addressed again and again. If no progress is made or you’re going in circles. ... ."  Read more.

Related.  Wiki How to do anything/Community Q&A,"How to Reach a Consensus: 9 Steps.." ...."1. Understand the principles of consensus decision making.  2. Understand the benefits of using a consensus process.  3. Decide how your group will finalize a decision.  4. Understand what it means to give consent. 5. Clearly outline what needs to be decided. 6. List all the concerns participants want their proposal to address. 7. Test the waters. 8. Apply your final decision rule. 9. Implement the decision."

Note photographs and graphics, left to right. Dog and Cat, Quantum shifting, think bigger, go further/John Wenger, 8/30/12,"Coperation beats competition." Ants, 33rd Quare, "Atificial Mini-Brains Show The Importance Of Cooperation In evolution. Puzzle, Satellite Navigation University Network/SUN, "Cooperating with us." On paper, UNESCO/planning education, building the future/Anton de Grauwe,"Technical cooperation." ...
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