Saturday, March 18, 2017

City Council goals for 2017-2018

Following the City Council’s Goal-Setting meetings on Feb. 3 and 4, the Council confirmed  that the set of six goals adopted last year are still relevant and updated its work plan for the next fiscal year.  The staff and I summarized the work plan changes and presented it to the Council for adoption on February 23, 2017.  The status of each was updated at the end of February to reflect all of the Council’s input. See the Goals and Work Plan for 2017-18 for details.

As you will note, Rent Stabilization & Just Cause Eviction has become the Council’s #1 priority and an opportunity for the Council to consider adopting an ordinance has been scheduled for the Council meeting on April 10.  In addition, Economic Development was ranked as #2 on the list and includes completing the first phase of the Palmetto Streetscape project (consideration of bids is scheduled for the March 27 meeting) and continuing work on developing an agreement with the selected hotel developer for the City’s property at 2212 Beach Blvd.

Sea Level Rise comes in at #3 and implementing the Climate Action Plan (CAP) at #4.  We are moving forward on working with the Army Corps of Engineers on efforts to mitigate hazards along our coastline that are exacerbated by sea level rise and complete grant requirements.  The CAP update is in the works and will be scheduled for the Council consideration in coming months.

Priority #5 is to develop and implement a  Marijuana Policy that covers the sale, cultivation, and distribution of the plant in the wake of voter-approved Prop. 64.  We have already had two meetings with the Council on the topic and have received initial direction with which we are now moving forward.

Planning for a New Library has moved up in the Council’s priorities to #6 and a report is scheduled for the March 27 Council meeting to discuss the City’s next steps.  We have spent the last few months reflecting the bond measure results and community survey we conducted and realize some changes in our approach are needed.

The remaining priorities, #7- #18, are far ranging projects and initiatives, and I invite you to take a look at the entire list to see how the Council and staff are working together to move the City forward.

Please let me know if you have comments or questions, and thank you for wanting to Connect with Pacifica!

City Manager

Submitted by Jim Wagner


I call BS said...

Well I'm glad to see that the city's goals are so conducive TO NOTHING!! Rent control. Better than rent control I would like Keener and his conclave get the mortgage holders to unilaterally lower our house payments. We pay too much and it's not fair. And then go fix prop 13 and it's unfair give-away to corporate giants at the expense of poor homeowners. Come Deirdre and Keener, homeowners are a huge block of inequality waiting for you to come to our rescue. And it does so much for the economic stagnation that you and your ilk has brought to Pacifica. Economic development as number 2. Appropriate numbering I would say. Just a bunch of shit packaged up in a statement that has no meaning. What kind of economic development. Obviously you want nothing west of the highway, ever. Sea lever rise (see goal 3) will preclude that. So what have you got in mind? Quarry development?

Sayonara Pacifica said...

Surprise. Surprise. Surprise.
The new illegitimate majority NOBY council wants nothing for Pacifica.
Hang on for a long but certain death spiral. There is no hope for Pacifica now that the enemies have regained control. They only know one thing, take care of their own and screw everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of the meaningless goals the city council will implement, the sad state of Pacifica's finances means they have to rely on pot sales in order to stay solvent.


Anonymous said...

I do not hear City bragging about our current pot stores tax payments,because pot stores pay hardly a small sales tax.Council should have excise tax dedicated to library needs.I doubt this would be proposed,because City does not want to use revenue for libraries.Just have homeowners pay on bond for 30 yrs.

Anonymous said...

What are you smoking? No way will the NOBY puppet masters allow an excise tax on their favorite brain-food.

Sharon said...

@12:41pm re the quarry - it's west of the highway so forget about it.
@11:10am - what revenue from pot sales? Pot is a cash and carry business and will be until federal banking rules change

Anonymous said...

Actually if you paid attention you would have heard city hall bragging about $500,000 per year coming in from legalized pot sales.

Sharon said...

Don't know how they will collect it unless they've got some super duper new secret surveillance tools to install at all pot businesses.

Anonymous said...

$500,000 Fake news.How did Tribune overlook that? Maybe the two libraries can stay open longer!

Anonymous said...

A little off the top;no one will know.

wake up Pacifica said...

12:20 The Pacifica Tribune is completely biased towards the NOBYs. You cannot rely on it to keep you informed about big picture Pacifica. Do you own "due diligence", pay attention to council actions, hold them accountable and beware of dishonest representations about their plans. They shamelessly manipulated the public, with help from the Tribune, to achieve a 3-2 majority NO Vote against anything that doesn't benefit them or their puppet masters. They will shamelessly deceive the public again and again on any issue they please going forward.

Anonymous said...

here's my hot take: the tribune is a bad paper

Steve Sinai said...

"Actually if you paid attention you would have heard city hall bragging about $500,000 per year coming in from legalized pot sales."

Just like the way they bragged that the Wastewater Treatment Plant would attract visitors from around the world to marvel at the technological sophistication of our sewage treatment system. (No joke. They really said that.)

Or just like they've been bragging for over 30 years about how trails and open space will attract countless visitors to fill Pacifica's coffers.

Anonymous said...

"sewage treatment plant tours"....That's what happens when you smoke too much dope and just listen to your fellow cult members. You actually believe your own delusions and justify it by claiming it's the majority consensus.
These idiots who can't shoot straight have wrecked Pacifica. They will continue to wreck Pacifica until there's nothing left, then they'll scurry like rats and blame it on Realtors.