Saturday, November 28, 2015

Seton Medical Center decision from the State, coming soon

As the stomach turns.  Half Moon Bay Review/Julia Reis, 11/25/15. "Extension granted on Seton decision."

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Ah, the art of protest leading to
potential unintended consequences.
"California Attorney General Kamala Harris may take up to an additional two weeks to decide whether to approve the proposed sale of Daughters of Charity Health System to a New York-based hedge fund.  ... A brief letter from Deputy Attorney General Wendi Horwitz states that the extension will allow the office to finalize its review of the transaction. Daughters of Charity agreed to the additional time. ...  Harris can approve the transaction outright, deny it or approve it with conditions.

Daughters of Charity .. struck up a deal with BlueMountain Capital Management LLC. Through that acquisition agreement, BlueMountain would sponsor its own Integrity Healthcare to manage and operate the hospitals. ... BlueMountain could purchase the hospitals outright within three years.  ...."... “(The county) made an attempt to buy Seton Coastside (before), and at the time they weren’t interested,” Don Horsley said. “We will probably have to resurrect that offer."  Read more.

Related articles.  Last year's protest.  Los Angeles Times/Chad Garland, 8/15/14, "Healthcare chain's bid for 6 hospitals draws protest." "Prime Healthcare Services Inc., a hospital chain that has come under fire for billing and patient privacy issues, is facing opposition over its potential acquisition of six California hospitals, including two medical centers in Los Angeles County." Prime Healthcare rejects offer by CA State Attorney General.  San Jose Mercury News/Lifestyles/Tracy Seipel, 3/11/15, "Prime Healthcare passes on Daughters of Charity deal." ".... Prime, the Southern California hospital company, called the conditions placed on the sale by state Attorney General Kamala Harris 'so burdensome and restrictive that it would be impossible for Prime Healthcare -- or any buyer -- to make the changes needed to operate and save these hospitals.' Under the terms imposed by Harris, Prime said, it would be required to operate the Los Altos Hills-based Catholic hospital chain as it is now for 10 years, despite the fact that Daughters is losing more than $10 million a month. Prime said the health care industry is changing daily and that 10 years is double the five years required in all other hospital transactions in the state.  .... Daughters owns O'Connor Hospital in San Jose and Saint Louise Regional Hospital in Gilroy, Seton Medical Center in Daly City, Seton Coastside in Moss Beach, and two hospitals in Los Angeles."  Also see Fix Pacifica article reprints, search this blog: Seton.

Note:  photograph by Brian van der Brug from the related Los Angeles Times article.  As the stomach turns, idioms:  English Forums, or

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Anonymous said...

Let's see how badly Kamala screws this deal up.

Anonymous said...

Kamala Harris is an idiot. She has no clue what she is doing. But ruining this state she has been very good at.

Anonymous said...

Kamala Harris has to go.
Unfortunately she'll probably go straight to the Attorney General's office.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately she will end up at the US Senate instead. She has ruined my medical practice, made it impossible for me to stay in the building I have been in for 15 years, and I will no longer be able to take care of the most unfortunate people in our society who finally got insurance... (such as it is, i.e. Medi-Cal). My payer mixed has nosedived, my volume has doubled, I have lost as my dual eligible patients (medi-medi), and my IPA's volume is down significantly. Ms. Harris, you have sold your SOUL for a seat in the senate. May you go down, as you made the Prime deal go down.