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Filoli during the Holidays, a trip worth making

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Filoli Holiday Tradition festive entry
Probably next year.   The Almanac News, 11/24/15, "Nov. 27-Dec.5: 'Holiday Traditions' at Filoli estate in Woodside." 

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Deer for dinner, visiting
Filoli, the historic estate in Woodside, will hold its annual Holiday Tradition event from Nov. 27 through Dec. 5, with holiday music and decorations and merchandise at the Holiday Boutique. 

.... Local choral and performing groups will entertain.  This year's event ties in with Filoli's Centennial; the house was built from 1915 to 1917. .... Buffet lunches and evening bistro dining will be available with advance reservations during the week. A children's party for ages 5 to 10, on Saturday, Dec. 5, will include a visit with Santa and entertainment.  More than 700 volunteers are working with staff to create Holiday Traditions."  

Reference,   Holiday Traditions at Filoli, 2015, article, includes ticket information. "Step into a world of understated elegance, combining rustic and vintage elements engaging to the eye and pleasing to the senses. Each room will entice and delight you with rich jewel tones; ruby red, emerald green, amethyst, and topaz accented with dazzling gold, shimmering silver, and deep copper. The divine décor will captivate you with exquisitely decorated trees, mantles brimming with fresh flowers and greenery, wreaths embellishing windows, and sconces with touches of sparkle sprinkled throughout. Warm holiday scents drift softly through the rooms awakening fond memories. " 
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Synthetics don't eat much
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 Open indoor space
Some daytime and evening Holiday Shopping Boutique tickets are available at this time December 2-5 only.  The lunch, dinner buffets and Bistro tickets are sold out. The Children's party December 5 is sold out.  Maybe next year, plan in advance."

Note photographs.  Deer on table by P.K.Costa, 11/24/12.  Festive gallery from, image information no longer available. Door entry by Darlene Hampton from the San Jose Events Examiner, 11/30/12. Boutique rabbits by Liz Hafalia from San Francisco Chronicle, 11/1/13.

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