Tuesday, November 10, 2015

City Council meeting 11/9/15, Item 9, audience circus

Item 9, twisted message
from orchestrated audience
The following comment response from me was posted about 4 pm, 11/10/15, on a NextDoor article by Toni Boykin, 11/9/15, titled:  "SUBJECT: Proposal to change how topics get added to City Council Meeting Agendas. READ CAREFULLY THIS COULD AFFECT YOUR RIGHTS AND YOUR COUNCIL MEMBERS ABILITY TO REPRESENT YOU."       

"...Item 9 was offered as an "alternative" to the current process of individual City Councilmembers introducing agenda items, just as Item 8 was offered as an "alternative" for scheduled agenda order. (The change for Item 8 passed.)

Item 9. Leading up to the meeting and during the meeting, the audience circus offered claims of "anti-democratic", and misplaced personal insults to General Manager Tinfow, whereas the suggested process of item 9 is used by some other cities (all considered functioning within the law, and all "democratic").
Also, isn't it interesting that only those organized against Item 9 showed-up at city council to rail against the item. The 11/9/15 meeting YouTube is now available for viewing at Pacific Coast TV (3 hours, 39 minutes). https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL... .

The motive for the over-the-top campaign forged against Item 9 by those who often prefer "alternatives" remains in question. (It may have more to do with generating propaganda in advance of a future campaign.)

Whereas, many of us who desire reasonable solutions and City financial stability so far are great fans of City General Manager Lori Tinfow, and her excellent management team.
And, City Council majority (this Council and last), seems to be guiding this City toward a direction of economic development and progress. Hear, hear, the change is refreshing."

What I didn't say was what a drag on this City these anti-growth NIMBIES are!    

Reference, Fix Pacifica article City Council meeting, 11/9/15.  The City Staff Report, includes Staff  recommendation to consider how a City Councilmember introduces an item to the City Council meeting agenda. Alternative action (page 2): "Council has discretion to establish any process it wishes to use to set policy direction for the City and to consider individual topics as long as the process is in accordance with the Brown Act." 

Note graphic face image from Tree and Neighbor law.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Every councilmember spoke against the proposed policy (except Keener who didn't say a word), and every citizen who spoke was also against it. The final vote was 5-0 against. Apparently Tinfow and Meeh are the only people who support it.

Kathy Meeh said...

847, actually Councilmember Mike O'Neill mention some elements of a similar policy with the Pacifica School Board. That's kind of close to home.
And not that it's important, but John Keener ask a question.

General Manager Lori Tinfow presented the City Councilmember process of introducing topics for City Council Consideration as an alternative to the current policy.
The policy was recommended by "staff", with an "alternative action" stated as: "Council has discretion to establish any process it wishes to use to set policy direction for the City and to consider individual topics as long as the process is in accordance with the Brown Act." Got that? See Report, page 2.

Yet, the majority of NIMBIES turned that simple Consideration Item, Item 9, into carved in stone "anti-democratic" nonsense, while at the same time trashing the City Manager. How outrageous is that?

This item didn't have the merit to generate the audience circus we saw at the City Council meeting last night. The reason "every citizen who spoke was also against it" (your words) was because the turn-out was potentially tainted with misinformation to those who attended.
As you mentioned, others were not present. Most ordinary people who see no threat do not become exorcised over how City Council items are introduced to the meeting agenda by a few individual Councilmembers.

As for your comment linking me in the same sentence with the #1 City employee, our City Manager: awesome, but not equivalent. Not equivalent and misleading at best. I'm out here in the blogosphere with silly you. However, for the record, my personal views on this topic are neutral, whatever works best for City Council.

Justice 4 Tinfow said...

Oddly enough, Meeh and her plucky crew of Freedom Fighters were nowhere to be seen on Monday night (though they had every opportunity to speak), and instead of appearing at City Council Chambers to defend the honor of their fair City Manager, they instead chose to remain at home and complain on the internet about everything life has to offer.

Anonymous said...

Let's point the finger directly at the source. Let's see, Keener gets on council and immediately council starts to spiral downward in anarchy orchestrated by Keener. This guy is a cancer in our city. He has brought nothing to the party except the ability to rile up a gang of nobies against windmills. This may go down as the biggest mistake at the poles this city has ever made. If some sanity doesn't return to the council we'll collapse as a city. We have a good staff finally but why would the stay when subjected to this abuse. Any sane person wants to accomplish something worthwhile. City staff is no different. They are trying to move us out of the dark ages of the Lancelle and DeJarnett years and make Pacifica something besides someplace to drive through on your way down the coast.

Kathy Meeh said...

643, no, the question is why were you there running a false campaign against an artificial issue. That is the question.

Again, a recommendation and alternative choices of changing, or not, the way items are introduced to City Council from a City Councilmember were made. Actual wording: "Council has discretion to establish any process it wishes to use to set policy direction for the City and to consider individual topics as long as the process is in accordance with the Brown Act." Staff Report, knock yourself out!

Justice 4 Tinfow said...

I'm just wondering why the Fix Pacifica Freedom Fighters didn't show up to defend our noble city manager against this so-called false campaign of orchestrated anarchy?

Instead, you preferred to stay home on Monday night and bitch about how unfair it is that people actually got out, voiced their opinions, and stood for something.

Kathy Meeh said...

914, ah! Your point is orchestrating false issues and promoting MOB RULE WINS!
Claiming Item 9 was "anti-democratic" was another promoted stunt and lie by those of you who organized that effort. Shame!

Justice 4 Tinfow said...

A podium that is free for everyone -- including you -- to approach and address our city representatives is "mob rule." Okay, Ms. Meeh, whatever you say.

The facts speak louder than the tiresome complaints made by the usual Commercial Justice Warriors on this blog -- you were a no-show at the council meeting even though you had every opportunity to share your thoughts with the public on the record.

Kathy Meeh said...

10:00 the "facts" are your "thoughts", using the City Council citizen forum, were baseless lies, as is your pseudonym identifier on this comment.
Note: there was no one else speaking about Item 9 (ordinary City Council Consideration business), except those who were organized to mostly cry "anti-democratic"-- and again, that effort was false information to the public.

This city could use your energy to do good, rather than harm, for the entire community. Our City needs facts (not myth, not more lies); and, our City needs broad economic, social and civic development, which would create a stable financial and infrastructure base. Support that!

Anonymous said...

Your snarky little remark about Fix Pacifica Freedom fighters staying home,
simply illustrates that we have minds of our own. We don't obey puppet masters, put on our freak flags and march to folk songs led by Lancelle.
You pretend that your mob rule is democracy at work. Your bully gang is pathetic and is responsible for the destruction of Pacifica.

Anonymous said...

Good grief! How many ways can we say we're right and we care, but not quite enough to fight for it? That's ok, sit on the sidelines, bitch and spin. Those whom you oppose long ago figured out that success begins with simply showing up.

Anonymous said...

You say it's mob rule when people peacefully speak before council.Mayor did not call anyone out of order.Wait to things get hot with rent stabilization,then the mob might rule!

Kathy Meeh said...

1113, 1211, "grief", but not so good.
The 11/9/15, Item 9, cry of "anti-democratic" was a lie.
The 10/26/15 push to continue the "rent stabilization" Item would have resulted in no compensation for the evicted tenants, and promised a lawsuit to the City.

Fortunately, the chaos NIMBIES plotted and attempted to achieve did not affect the outcome of City Council votes.
Additionally, the 4+ and 3+ hour meetings wasted all our time, especially that of City Council and Staff which guide and make decisions for this City.

The Ghost of Democracy said...


Where were you and your gang of "democracy fighters" back when you had the majority on Council, i.e., Vreeland, DeJarnatt, Lancelle and Digre? You seemed just fine with it when they promulgated some of their draconian "anti-democracy" on this City and its citizens. Some of us still remember a few of those little democratic nuggets. For example, there was the time that the Council unanimously voted for a dog park at Sharp Park, and then, with the tacet approval of your deafening silence, the aforementioned Council executed an end-run to the democratic process and kept the ordinance from ever materializing - all done by using some sort of Consent Calendar hocus pocus. And all this, in spite of the fact that an overflow crowd spoke out at Council Chambers in favor of the dog park, with only a lone objection from citizen Paul Jones (good friend and fellow EPA employee of Jim Vreeland).

And where was your "democracy" when the aforementioned Council was handing over all of our open space to the dictatorial, anti-recreation GGNRA/NPS sans any due process, compensation or managerial say-so? I guess when things are going your way, who needs democracy? Yes, your memory seems quite convenient.

Anonymous said...

Hey, justice, the sane people in this town work, have kids, responsibilities. We elect our council to make sound decisions. If one were to read the agenda for Monday nite without a conspiratorial mind one would not see a plot to kidnap our freedom of speech. Keener calls out his goons to make a show and disrupt council proceedings, period. His only agenda is chaos and anarchy. He's pushing for a backlash from the very people he doesn't want at council testifying, rational, civil, adults who want to see something in this town.

Anonymous said...

LOL if you don't have the courage of your convictions and show up to council to lobby for what you want, don't complain when council doesn't vote your way!

Justice 4 Tinfow said...

This is like complaining about who got elected President when you didn't even bother to vote.

Kathy Meeh said...

211, what are you talking about? Our elected hero leadership O'Neill and Ervin voted to block chaos from fearless leaders Keener and Digre, 10/26/15. And no loss, no gain on the consideration of Councilmember introduced agenda items, 11/6/15.

Does your Gang of No even value "democracy", or do you just use the democratic process as an autocratic tool? I think most of us who have observed NIMBY behavior in this city over decades do understand the answer, and there is no "LOL" about it.

242, huh?

Anonymous said...

The entire council voted against the proposal, and most indicated they would vote that way before the people spoke.

Kathy Meeh said...

931, and the City Staff Report, included alternative action (page 2), "Council has discretion to establish any process it wishes to use to set policy direction for the City and to consider individual topics as long as the process is in accordance with the Brown Act."

But, apparently NIMBIES think some "alternatives" are undemocratic. LOL.

Anonymous said...

The council voted to continue status quo because they got the message from the 'mob'.